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Elimination LLC

by yudaica2013 ·

Despite the absurdity of the statement, it is quite feasible. The word "liquidation" in the context of the existence of the company – it's actually a sentence. Liquidation LLC in Moscow – a procedure which results in a complete cessation the firm. It would seem that a positive may be in liquidation. The answer is simple – the collapse of the company, may be an incentive to create new, more successful businesses. In addition, we must not forget that the liquidation of companies merger – one of the favorable options of liquidation. In this case the company ceases to exist legally, but at the same time, operates in the new venture. Regardless of the situation Company liquidation – is strictly regulated process, each stage of which should be executed in a strictly time-bound.

Otherwise, you face fines or a denial of liquidation of the company. First to what they should focus account in the liquidation of the enterprise – is the interaction with regulatory agencies. First of all, we are talking about the tax inspectorate. Regardless of the reasons for liquidation and company's balance sheet at the time of termination activities you should not have arrears of all tax liabilities. In addition, representatives of the tax authorities will closely monitor the timing of submission of all documents required for liquidation of the company. If you For example, do not tell the tax authorities of its intention within three days after the final decision on the liquidation, you have to pay a sanction in the amount of 5,000 rubles. Liquidation of companies require you to create special liquidation commission.

Its composition is usually determined at a meeting of the founders, who take the decision to liquidate the firm. Typically, this is the top management of companies and representatives of regulatory authorities. Note that the liquidation of companies merging also requires the establishment of the commission. During the procedure of liquidation, all the rights to manage the company and the regulation of relations between the founders and regulatory agencies entrusted exclusively to the liquidation commission. After the decision on liquidation of the company you have to make a final settlement with all creditors, including those with employees liquidated company. Under the law, you must also search for these individuals by placing relevant ads in the media. Typically, it takes some time costs. Following this, you have to expect a decision about the procedure for voluntary liquidation. If the answer is no, then further actions will be determined by court order. Cost Elimination LLC may be different. It depends on the state of affairs in the liquidating company, claims and causes identified by elimination.