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' Because they will appear false cristos and false prophets, and will make so great signals and prodigies who, if possible it are, would be deceptive until escolhidos.' ' ' ' Mateus 24:35 When the branches if become tenros, sprout leves, already we know that the summer is arriving and they do not pass without the occurrence, the things come and happen exactly. &#039 does not advance nothing; ' espertinhos' ' they capsize to want to deceive the People of God, therefore facts finish the parallel them denouncing. ' ' established Ezequias the groups of the priests and levitas, according to its groups, to each one according to its ministry; to the priests and levitas for holocausto and the pacific offers, to give, to praise, and to sing, to the doors of the arraiais Mr. ' ' 2 Chronicles 31:2 The king established the groups, each one according to its ministry, edited holocaustos to Saturdays and commanded the people of that culture, to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, who went down to the part of the priests and levitas so that Mr. (Similarly see: Margaret Loesser Robinson). and seguiz it could dedicate themselves to the Law.

' ' one bode for atonement of the sin, beyond holocausto continuous, of its offers of foods and its libao.' ' Numbers 29:34 We have that to make holocausto continuous? Yes, but in accordance with our culture, it are the continuous louvor and the recognition of the power of God, who the people of the time, carried through sacrificing optimum of its flock to emphasize the confidence in God. ' ' said: Not subjects, man very loved, peace are with you; it livens up, yes, it livens up to you to you. E, speaking it with me, was fortified, and said: He speaks, mine Sir, you fortified because me. it said: You know why I I came you? Now, therefore, I will become to fight against the prince of the Persians; e, leaving I, here it is that it will come the prince of Greece.