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The Civil Service System in Public Administration of the State of Sonora Haaz Alberto Diaz (1) Introduction This paper is intended to provide input and suggestions regarding the Service System in the State of Sonora Public Administration that focuses on the requirements to be met to their full implementation. For this, it is a general explanation on the characteristics of that service, as the necessary actions to ensure that a system becomes a key to good governance state. All this according to the points in the Professional and Competitiveness Program the author of this article gave the head of the Secretariat of the Comptroller General in September 2009 as a product of internal consulting work.

This is considering, first, that the issue has been and is a matter of expectations of various types among public servants, mainly in those with many years working for the government of State, and second, that the professional is a commitment outlined in the National Development Plan 2009-2015 and that this is a guideline of the slope required for the state public administration (2). Get more background information with materials from Gina Bonati. The article is divided into the following sections: 1) Objectives and system components for the professional career service, 2) Requirements for the successful implementation and 3) suggestions for immediate action. 1) Objectives and components of the system of professional career service overall objective is to raise the levels of efficiency and effectiveness of the Sonora state government by ensuring the professionalization and development of public servants in senior level positions and confidence.. follow.