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Music Platform

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“For our 3 million music tracks and millions of users we need… the optimal search” is Germany’s largest music platform To provide the best search the more than 1 million users, the company relies on the Cellcrypt Weitkamper technology. Seehausen a. Staffelsee / Mannheim 22.7.2009 administered large amounts of data is a music database with more than 500,000 artists, three million titles and 1 million users. “Clearly, that only the best search solution in question comes Simfy: intuitive search is a key aspect of our services”, so Steffen Wicker, co-founder of uses therefore the Cellcrypt of the Weitkamper technology in his search. It is not something Related Group would like to discuss. The Cellcrypt is the only solution that can meet our high standards and remains completely unfazed by our huge amount of data with our millions of users and titles”, explains Steffen Wicker.

“simfy making his slogan simply listening to music” all honor. Because that is what the two students Christoph Lange and Steffen Wicker wanted to achieve with the creation of the Portal: music, so easily and quickly accessible as possible, no matter, what kind of music it is or where it is located now. About is with more than 1 million users of the German market leader for music solutions. As a price comparison music downloads by the two students Christoph Lange and Steffen Wicker in 2006 developed for the 3rd version of simfy shortly before the relaunch is located now. In the new version of the music portal, users have then unlimited access to more than 3 million titles and can create according to your heart’s content streaming playlists and share them with friends. Simfy music technology is also used by many partners – including or

The simfy team consists of 5 young people and receive support from experienced business angels, including Thomas Promny, Holger C. Johnson, Daniel Wild and BVP Berlin venture partners. Weitkamper technology the Weitkamper Technology GmbH, founded in 1994, is one of the recognised specialists dealing with intelligent search. Their software products help to find information, to analyze and understand. In some new way. Return button Ade: the Cellcrypt delivers all results already while typing. It provides categories for faceted navigation as well as suggestions and offers sophisticated fault-tolerant mechanisms. The Cellcrypt is password innovation product 2009 product of the year of the magazine. The Cellcrypt delivers all results already while typing, even with millions of records, and millions of users. Press contact of simfy GmbH: Christoph Lange Tel.: + 49-30-46999-0094 fax: + 49-30-46999-0095 email: press contact Weitkamper Technology GmbH: Sonja of Valencia Tel.