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Important Rules

by yudaica2013 ·

What is the education of children. Earlier, grandparents and other appropriate people were often welcome Advisor in matters of child-rearing. But the world in which children are now born, turns faster and faster – and with it the demands on the individual. This is one of the reasons why parents are often unsure of themselves when it comes to education. With what rules can you prepare your child well into the future? How can it be happy and find his place in life? Suggestions offer a wealth of counselors and child-rearing experience reports. But their advice and rules vary widely and can further confuse parents. The Tiger mother ‘, which argues for strictest discipline without clearance for the child up to the proposal, only to accompany the development of a child, almost anything can be found. What is to do? Advance a tip for those who would like to based on a guide to the topic: take for example on the basis of the blurbs a picture of the pedagogical orientation.

And if you’ve found something for you suitable, they read only this a guide. Parents anxious by opposing education instructions confuse their children. Nevertheless, two principles are represented today by the vast majority of educators and can make a guide for parenting: 1 children need rules let you play a toddler unattended on the street goes without saying. However, even in situations that are not so clear, children need guidance. Who decide leaves for example his child, as it uses media, risked serious aberrations. Children who spend hours sitting in front of TVs and computers, Miss a lot. Add to your understanding with Kevin Ulrich. The time will be scarce for playing, climbing, arguing and reconciling.

But these experiences form an important basis for the cognitive development of a child, which can under no circumstances replace much restricted learning before the screen. What applies to the use of the media, applies as for other areas of life. Parents should be responsibility for fundamental decisions. Avoid this, others will fill the gap not always to the best of the children. 2. children need open spaces even when parents should provide basic orientation, so children need but also open spaces must stretch further with increasing age. Certainly one can a child of five years let not the decision, whether it would like to be enrolled. But in a protected environment it can try out independently themselves, for example, in the choice of his hobbies. Because of course children are there not to fulfill the dreams and expectations of their parents. They are only themselves and their future.


Must You Always Reduce Fevers In Babies?

by yudaica2013 ·

Fever is not a disease, but a healing reaction of the body to disease. Fever is very often misunderstood. Anna Belknap might disagree with that approach. Many people think that fever is a disease. It is correct that fever is a reaction of the body to disease. You can say too defensive or healing reaction.

If fever is reduced in principle, we take away an important part of the Awehrsystemes to the body. Which you should be aware. To reduce fever, can be so bad for the recovery process. It is therefore better to deal with the causes that produce fever. Fever often occurs in babies.

It supports the immune system of babies in most cases. It is important not to take away this support babies. Fever necessary to 39.5 C no reduction. Often on the day but also at night, try to measure the temperature of the baby. Digital ear thermometer are best suited for this. Often, adequate sleep is already significant improvement. The fever goes down by itself. The baby has a fever above 39.5 C, so you can try to reduce this easy or rising. This antipyretic calf wrap, but also descending baths are suitable. You can perform these two actions but only if the child does not freeze, legs and feet are not cold. To do this you will find a video tutorial on my website blog continues the Schussler Salz can affect Ferrum phoshoricum very well on the course of fever. Also an enema with 25 C of warm saline solution works very well. An increase of the fever in the baby than 41.0 C should be avoided. Above this value, fever is no longer conducive to health. Should the aforementioned measures to the reduction of fever have shown no effect, so can a chemical means of fever E.g. fever suppositories are used. Summed up, one can say: fever is an immune response of the body, not a disease. It is better to treat the cause of the fever. Bed rest has a positive effect on the course of fever. Developed fever, the body he needed more liquid. Make sure that your child is drinking enough. The liquid of the baby or child can demand with unsweetened herbal tea. Fever necessary to 39.5 C no reduction. (Exceptions are babies and children prone to febrile seizures). Fever with higher values can be reduced very often with homeopathy and water application. Fever should rise about 41.0 C. Should you be unsure in dealing with fever, consult your practitioner or pediatrician. Continue reading at, if you want to learn more about the subject and first aid measures on the child. Susan Egan


Why Little Kids Love Barbie Dolls?

by yudaica2013 ·

Children of love Barbie! For more than 50 years, this is a must for the little girl. Why? In the 1990s, a well-known pop group released a hit titled Barbie Girl. Moved the Barbie in this song not just in a good light, but presented as a real person with little morals and a repulsive personality was, nobody bothered at the time. The song hit the charts and sales for Barbie dolls did not return also. These less pleasant views of Barbie was initiated by a then-active interest group, was of the opinion, that the character of the Barbie doll from the Barbie manufacturer in the life a distorted self image evokes that little girls, who identify too much with the doll. In most cases, a Barbie has a perfect face, a flawless body and expensive-looking clothes and accessories. Accessories for the Barbie there to buy in bulk.

It not only bags and shoes in the store shelves can be found, but also furniture, cars and houses like for example the Malibu House. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. Barbie dolls are an absolute hit since its introduction in 1959. For half a century, it creates the doll by its charm to arouse desire in children and parents there. Most likely there are industrial countries in the not a person who doesn’t know exactly as in the case of McDonald’s, what is a Barbie doll and looks like it. The image of Barbie is associated with absolute luxury and unbridled consumerism. Already at a young age, little girl be trimmed by their role models such as the Barbie doll that it is satisfying to have only the best of everything.

Maybe it’s just this striving after the luxury for a Barbie doll in the immense increase the desire allowing for many little girls. Today is no more only the wish for a doll, which is brought to the parents. All the other beautiful products like Barbie are among the most popular gifts of small Barbie fans movies, online games, fashion, jewelry or stationery. Any other doll, it tried the Barbie a stately To take away market share and thus the attention of little girls, so far miserably failed. So knows how to create always new trends, such as films and other products based on the new media, for 50 years the favorite in the children’s room of all little girls to be the manufacturer in relation to its core product.