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North Atlantic

by yudaica2013 ·

At this time the weather turned bad, so undertaken after the disappearance of the German battleship intense exploration from the air have failed. 'Bismarck' disappeared … Click Adam Sandler for additional related pages. It seemed that the British fleet suffered a complete defeat the whole day the British could not find the 'Bismarck', which mysteriously disappeared in the North Atlantic. It was quite know where to find it and what course to inform ships, pursuers. But as much as 26 May at 10:30 battleship found English amphibian 'Catalina' (for a crew of nearly paid with their lives – the Germans have discovered the powerful anti-aircraft fire).

But at the moment of discovery 'Bismarck' was 700 miles from Saint-Nazaire – 35 hours of travel. At a speed battleship in 28 knots to stop it was impossible, and have morning of May 27 he could walk under the cover of German naval aviation. Torpedo attack from the air. The last battle of 'Bismarck' The English was only one chance to change something – To attack the 'Bismarck' torpedo aircraft came to the rescue with Arc Royala '. May 26, at 14:50, 15 'Swordfish' launched from the deck of an aircraft carrier and an hour later with the help of radar found 'Bismarck'. Attacking a battleship, aircraft dropped 11 torpedoes, but no One of them did not explode – summed up the proximity fuzes. At 17:00 torpedo aircraft returned to the carrier. Before dark were only a few hours. So, to attack 'Bismarck' air will soon become impossible. On 'Ark Royal' hastily prepared to torpedo the re-flight.