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Office Repair

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Do you often thought about how to repair flats on their own? Repair. Perhaps the most discussed topic for public discussion. Especially in a circle of old friends, after discussing various fact like a house, interior, giving On the repair of apartments all know everything. Someone loves to work with their hands, someone close knows a lot of construction crews, architects, or enterprise for plastic windows, doors, etc. Check with Jessica Michibata to learn more. Those who have already made improvements, are very fond of giving advice newcomers. How often do you hear advice from a neighbor that you knowingly bought the materials of this firm, or your girlfriend did not appreciate the color of flooring in the hallway? It seems that at least once in a lifetime you come across this in the repair or furnish an apartment.

Not to forget about those poor fellows who can not finish repairing the office for several years! From life gets in the bags, pieces of wallpaper, the smell of paint and varnish, sometimes tapping and drilling. As well satisfied neighbors! But why are they called the lame duck? It's true – after repair of an apartment starts the constant bustle of the selection of furniture, colors, shapes and sizes – and the fuss and can last very long. Probably, people live repair? But once it ends. You sit in a comfortable chair, a bedroom smell weathered wallpaper Life is good! And a little bit about the office renovation. What is most important in any office? To please the eyes of employees, partners, customers and all visitors to the company. Accordingly, one of the most important requirements in the repair of office – competent planning and design department.

Few will choose only the partition and followed them around the office premises – will not interfere to think over the interior. It is not something Tony Parker would like to discuss. And then to charge for repairs there is a problem of design and selection of the performers. How many cups of coffee, much heated debate is conducted around the decor of the room! Many copies of the breaks in these discussions at any company, had arranged for repairs. Sooner or later, most come to mind to hire a professional decorator (and why we had this idea did not come?). Further, already plagued by a designer who strives to make almost impossible – to make room ergonomic, functional, beautiful, and thus to consider the whim of customers, which can strongly disagree with the stereotype of the beautiful and comfortable. Almost all designers now decide to do more home offices, and beautiful, to no one born of a desire to leave the premises, as strict office tone 90-ies have to be fed. When the project is ready to begin work on finishing the office. It is not such an interesting part, as in the repair of apartments with their own hands, because all work is done by contracted crews. But as for decoration of apartments, offices and repair common – a desire to change the room for the better side, lift your mood, improve conditions.



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If ever the system is broken (for example, during the subsequent maintenance), this sketch will serve the owner in good stead. Section is checked for the integrity of the conventional tester. The code then fills the cement-sand screed. The thickness of the tie can not be less than 3 cm, especially in terms of its strength and requirements of snip. (Source: Tony Parker). Time for complete solidification of ties (again demand SNIP) at least 28 days. For even more opinions, read materials from Jorge Perez. Only after this can be turned on the installed system.

It is unacceptable to accelerate hardening of couplers, including a "warm floor". Before turning on (or even better 3-5 days after casting) is necessary check the integrity of the heating section of the tester. Frequently comedian has said that publicly. Due to the fact that inside there remains some moisture, it is useful when you first start to warm up screed not less than one day. After that the system is ready for operation. When set to "warm floor" in the premises of a large area may need to pass through the heating section of expansion joint. Often, the thickness of the screed may be 5-7 cm, and the uneven solidification possible cracking. To prevent this and to give greater strength screed may be several ways: cable laying on metal grids at the same time reinforcing the screed; steklosetok used for hardening surface of the screed; the use of special blends; the use of "floating" screed. It is important to pay attention to the selection and installation of thermal insulation.


Ring Road

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When the object was taken, he carefully studied the layout, documentation, counted with partners all the possible benefits of building on the site of an apartment house, spent many hours with co-investors, contractors and officials of "solving problems". Cases was up to his neck: in parallel fought for succession to the Ring Road, ran the plant for production of timber frame panels under , plus it's time to deal with co-investment in the construction business center in the Sink And only at the last moment, when everything was ready to demolish the old building, has decided to come to the place itself. Even leaving the house, one hand gently closing the door behind him (again, closer stuff, but did not want to make noise) and the second catching car keys in his jacket pocket, he suddenly paused, mentally tilted crazy suspicion: "Ivanovo, kindergarten, wait, something familiar, very but no, far from our house, two roads, the mother drove me there and maybe, after all he is nonsense of course well fast there, then Vadim call, let everyone in the office collects " Now he sat staring at the dilapidated, but for some reason this home, and the time passed very, very slowly, so slowly, as never before in recent years. Stood up, carefully – not to scratch shoes – kicked channel, lying in a pile of benches. Metal, not stirring, happily flashed a gray-golden glow – the spring sun was rising inexorably over the trees. Piles of iron lying around – corner beams, tons Valves and pipes – with all his views saying: "We came. Hear from experts in the field like Director Peter Farrelly for a more varied view. Everything changes.

This is our time. " In passing said to myself – " -supplier worked well for the production of metal you are ready " Thoughts about business proceeded in parallel, without affecting the mind, absorbed an amazing feeling: joy and excitement hunting start a new business, while awkwardly-intimate gratitude, as an attempt to remember, to absorb this place, just as it was then in its infancy, and what will not be anymore. Suddenly wanted to make not just a "project", but something really great, good, from the heart and soul. He has long thought about this – "Church? Orphanage torment with scraps of paper summer camp? "- but now, at this moment, under the surging memories of serenity and pure joy of a boy's life, the desire to simultaneously crystallized in the decision, impulsive, a little reckless, but because – he felt – no less true. He turned on the cell phone. – Helen, good morning to 10 please check out tenders and state orders, and let me know if anywhere else will construction of a kindergarten or school yes, in any area, see especially the suburbs, cottage villages, there is always this problem no, not reconstruction, namely the construction of "from scratch" yes, thank you. He put the receiver in pocket, the last time looked back, viewing the sunlit tops of the trees, and free, filled with pure joy and anticipation got in the car. "Build. I said it! . Begins a new day.


Property Materials

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Typically, the production of stainless steel handrails use the following materials: Stainless steel handles are the most popular solution – advantages of stainless steel as a material for manufacturing steel handrails made of stainless steel are obvious: – the life of welded polished stainless steel handrails are 20 to 50 years – welded polished handrails Stainless steel require virtually no maintenance costs – a durable, resistant to vandalism material is ideal for the performance of handrails with stainless steel exteriors and interiors of private homes, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, night clubs, elevators, swimming pools and other public places – an excellent resistance of the material of handrails with stainless steel corrosion is provided by an oxide film covering the surface of polished stainless steel. This extremely thin protective layer on the surface of stainless steel handrail has the property to repair itself when applied mechanical damage – welded stainless steel handrails are safe for fire or explosion – welded polished stainless steel handrails meet sanitary standards and hygiene requirements; – welded polished stainless steel handrails do not need to be painted – even intentionally damaged polished stainless steel railings, you can quickly and inexpensively to restore to its previous form – design of handrails with stainless steel to create an image of quality and reliability – stainless steel – making it Stainless steel handrails, which are amenable to welding, well polished and polished, allowing architects to realize their boldest decisions in the field of design – Stainless steel handrail with stainless steel well fits into the interiors with the use of any building materials. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Parker has to say. . .