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Artificial insemination artificial insemination is the deposition of semen into the female genital organs and is used in cases in which sperm cannot reach the female genital organ (the fallopian tubes). History artificial insemination with the sperm is an ancient method. Filed under: Tony Parker. For a long time, this method consisted in depositing the semen from her husband inside the vagina or the cervix at the time of ovulation. The first results seem to have been due to Hunter, an English physician, in the 18th century. In the 1970s, this technique was widely used by many gynecologists and, but resulting in a success rate very low (2-4%). Treatment processes currently consists of transferring sperm previously collected and processed with the selection of more mobile for the uterine cavity and normal sperm. The sperm can be frozen, allowing to organize the sperm banks in hospitals and clinics, for later use.

The cryopreservation technique involves several steps: first, a cryoprotectant is added and then the semen is submerged and stored in cryovials at – 196 C in liquid nitrogen. Each tube contains an adequate amount of sperm for the insemination. Cryopreservation of spermatozoa is also in case of serious health problems with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which can affect the production of sperm in men.