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Squares Candidate

by yudaica2013 ·

Sunday, October 10 Guillermo Plazas wrote an article titled: are you a candidate? The first thing I thought was: If squares know those questions so wise, places himself, must dealing answered even by sucking cock! Well, clarifying that places things begin with bottle of gallo and end up seriously or start seriously and end up in bottle of gallo! I believe that I am not the only one who has been in the role of answer those questions but putting in the shoes of squares. Don’t think that it’s the only one who has asked me: if I were squares how would answer me those same questions? I have concluded that it is very difficult to try to answer instead of squares, because he is one of those political foxes who no one knows really what is thinking. Why I can’t do another thing that answer those questions, not in first person but in the third person singular. Let’s start. 1. What conditions (those of) personal, family, and professionals, guarantee the obligations of? public server? Of course Yes! The man does not suffer from any terminal disease, it has intact their professional conditions (he himself has told us that their professional titles are nuevecitos) and believe that his lady allows you to exercise as a public server. 2. What on what based his candidacy (of him): in their own strengths or weaknesses of their opponents? In some and others.

Because the man, although his enemies do not recognize it has several strengths. The first and one of the most important, is that their enemies do not recognize strengths! Add to that that their enemies are not aware of their own weaknesses! 3. What are quantifiable holders (those of) in terms of public opinion (votes) and logistics to engage in a campaign resources? Capacity is of those rare figures who, when nobody gives a weight for him, it is with the highest votes (case his last Senate and its last Mayor) and pulls out when many more votes from those who He calculates, then resigns or is going.