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The new microblogging formats have created a new discipline in terms of the copywriting. Inspired by the traditional text messages by cell phone, they constitute a real challenge for those who have grown up surrounded by other means of communication, the traditional. We all remember the ritual of reading the newspaper, no troubles, enjoying each section, each news, until each advertising. In some inexplicable way our pockets and purses moved to contain a gadget which, at times, seems created to control our lives: the cell phone. And little by little, the texts were shortening, and letters of love became something like KMO TAS? TKM convenience made that text messages are apropiaran of the language, and thus, very soon we all become skilled writers of text messages. Do vector became indispensable in our lives, and suddenly we could not even go to make purchases without prompting took whole or skim milk?, thirty one characters that would provide us with a response appropriate to a moment of existential angst.

Now, the source of daily information, entertainment, reading and socializing areas material became social networks, and especially Twitter. We want to know how went the SuperBowl, we seek on Twitter. We want to meet with a colleague that we met long ago, looking at Twitter. We are looking for new customers and more traffic. Where most, on Twitter.

But how? All the owners of companies, of all sizes, and all niches of activity in different degree of awareness, know that they have to be on Twitter, but not everyone has a clear idea of what to do. Two obstacles stand in our way. On the one hand not all achieve accustomed to the limit on the number of characters. Get more background information with materials from Anna Belknap. And on the other hand, some feel something like as fearsome syndrome of the blade blank writers: what say? If nobody taught him how to interact with your contacts, and still manages to communicate, exchange ideas, laugh, worry, informed, and know life in broad terms – of his friends, the same should happen with their leads, sales prospects and users. Only a maximum is imposed at the time of Tweet: do not spam. Spam on Twitter is like be conversing with a friend and appearing a seller of vacuum cleaners. Learn more at: Jorge Perez. What we least want to do is listen to his message. If the contact face to face, we are forced to be moderately educated, perhaps we hear it a few seconds, then cordially invite him to retire. But on Twitter, as in the rest of the internet, patience lasts for less. As a result, we will not have followers in a short time. Repeat it, if it is not clear: do not spam. Do not want to sell, does not want to impose their ideas, concepts, or commercial advice. First listen. Look at what other users are saying. Contribute when a thread seem interesting. Share postings of other authors, if it is really valuable matter. Be generous with your time, your attention and your knowledge. For that is Twitter really. To chat with friends very briefly. When you open Twitter, forget the words sell, recommend or visit. It is the most direct way to sell, recommend or make visits. Andrea Picaso is a consultant in quality content. Creation, management and Viralization for quality content. Presence in social networks. Construction of online reputation. Damage control. Strategic communication.


Small Business

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To correct the critical situation requires efforts on both sides. For credit institutions can be effective options for resolving problems: – introduction of banks standardized procedures that reduce the cost of lending and reduce the time for consideration of loan applications – increasing the urgency of the banks' liabilities, thereby reducing the gaps between assets and liabilities by maturity and repayment on demand and improve their liquidity, the introduction of mechanisms to refinance – the creation of federal and regional levels to reduce credit risk through various schemes guarantee and security for loans of small businesses, attracting major companies in the region to the security for small and medium enterprises – improving the regulatory requirements of the Bank of Russia, aimed at cheapening of the banking business, which will reduce interest rates on loans. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. Set of measures associated with overcoming internal difficulties of small businesses is, in fact, a list of measures to support small business. Among them are the only steps that a greater degree than others, able to quickly provide a significant effect: – interest rate subsidies on loans for small businesses operating in industries with low profit margins – the stabilization of the tax regime for small businesses – measures aimed at increasing the transparency of small businesses – the development of infrastructure support and educational work among Small Business – creation of funds to support small businesses that would have assisted in gathering documentation and training to work with the banks – the forced promotion fund formation of credit histories. Glenn Dubin often expresses his thoughts on the topic.