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Live Xbox

by yudaica2013 ·

Now before you tuhnite kompomm or beech may drink beer and sluchshaete moralizing wife or mother-in) – annoying? Another thing: in the hands of a virtual world of endless possibilities, movies and other media options and the key to it – the game It provides a high level of graphics and has good multimedia capabilities. The truth of the console is not BD-drive, but it is not yet a really serious problem, especially since you can connect an external device (at the time of writing, for xbox 360 in St. Petersburg produced a external hd DVD-drives, but you should expect an early appearance of BD-drive). In Xbox Live, Xbox Originals section of a couple dozen most popular games from Xbox. The prefix has 3mya kernels on 3.2Ggts, vidyahoy from ati, 512 mb GDDR3 ram and screws to any vkus.Iz pluses: the price (to buy xbox vSPb can be in the 8-9k of dead raccoons) gamepad Otpad have nihkucha gadgets and joysticks, steering wheels and other pereferiiprostor for modinga can even golden performance found within 5 kilobaksov))) You can flash for half an hour, if the arms are growing from sleduet.Minusy: After the firmware is not xbox Live-a wild minus. seemed to me worse than the PS3, but it is imho. No Blu-ray (((. Few hdmi connector, they burn