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Power Wiring

by yudaica2013 ·

Build power wiring is not recommended – the place to be twisted very warm. If you have a shield for your apartment is only two fuses – on the sockets and lighting, better to put third specially for washing machine. In a pinch, you can connect to the coverage. In any case, messing about in general, a force shield alone is not recommended. Reach wire (with a margin of meters), and call an electrician. This its territory.

If you have coped with the electrician, then you are now worth nothing more than a simple defeat of the work. The preparatory phase of installation of the washing machine must account for a further period when buying a car until term. The most important thing in this – to find the optimal location of the day it so that was convenient to use that water was near, and that she intended it to fit into place. To solve this problem you need to have certain information, such as what the maximum and minimum distance should be between the washer and drain points and the Gulf waters. If the length of intake hose in the long run is not important, and it can be any, that the process of draining all the harder.

The set of all washing machines is the hose of a certain length (for example, 1, 5 m, 1.8 m, 2.2 m, etc.). But it can vary. On the topic of the optimal length of hose, the following opinion: the total cumulative distance from the washing machine to drain must not exceed the length of hose plus 1,5 m Standard distance from the washing machine to drain – 3 pm, only in certain washing machines, this distance is 5 m.