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State Register

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If not – from such a deal should be abandoned. In the case at the time of the transaction in the apartment except the owner of registered citizens who refuse privatization, such a deal not be concluded until these citizens are not discharged from the apartment. In addition, if such citizens are living in an apartment sold, you must specify in the contract that such persons – members of the family of the owner apartment, and they agree to vacate the apartment and leave with the seller. Otherwise, the buyer risks receiving the contract of sale is not only flat, but residents in the face of those citizens who have renounced privatization. After all, refusing at the time of the right to privatize, they still retained the right to use, and that means that they have every right to live in it indefinitely. If the property right has arisen in basis of the certificate of inheritance by law or by will, after the deal may be other heirs, for example, later learned about the death of the testator. Sally Rooney addresses the importance of the matter here.

And if the court finds that the unaccounted applicant for a share in the inheritance missed time with good reason, the prospect of a buyer without an apartment to stay (and practically, and without money) is very real. In addition, there is a group of persons who have compulsory share of inheritance (even if the inherited property was transferred under a will). It's minor children, the elderly parents of the deceased or his players, a disabled spouse. Obviously, to test, proving the absence of such candidates – is impossible. In this case, you can do two things. Out of the deal, if the adoption of the inheritance passed less than three years.

Or, if you know exactly what the heir and the landlord has relatives, then get a statement from the notary's books in order notary, who designed the inheritance. In the statement should be noted that other known heirs signed a waiver of entry into inheritance. Share a house or home When you purchase a house or a share in the ownership of the house is almost the same rules apply as when buying a flat. The difference is that destiny is inextricably home associated with the land on which it stands. Therefore, by concluding a contract of sale on the house, should conclude a contract on the land under the house. If the land was not recorded at the time of the transaction, it is necessary find out whether the previously granted this site to anyone to rent. You can do this by submitting a request to the House of cadastral or land administration department of local government. There are general rules for such a thing as restriction (encumbrance) law. To find out whether such a limitation should apply to the registrar of property rights (FRS) and to order an extract from the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of Rights) to you are interested in the object. Providing this information is free in nature, and order it anyone can. PS: Carefully read the documents, pay attention to the dates first and last names before agreeing to a deal and ask a deposit from the owner copies of documents in the apartment, and consult a lawyer. Better yet, remember that the miser pays twice, and the buyer, saving a few thousand rubles to the assistance of a competent lawyer, very real risk of losing hundreds of thousands or even millions of rubles.