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The West

by yudaica2013 ·

I think I looked as if he knew that a Martian was playing her door and she had opened, inviting him for coffee in your coffee machine, of course. I confess that I took considerable effort, imagine my friend in his new role both subtle colors changing mat and wearing a cooking apron. And I think the expression on my face was very telling because that point of revelation did not know whether to laugh or mourn. Besides knowing the little nuances and lover of media terms is clearly already buy all the clothing was chef, jeans and sneakers overalls caretakers to clean, plus all the latest list of cleaning products. There was that too much mental effort to imagine it. I had to fight the urge to slap the shoulder and say, and if, like all at some point in our lives we go through this. Do not worry is quite transient.

But I felt it would break his heart so let it continue with new projects for this year which included remodeling your home. I know of his wisdom but just in case I made sure he did not want to paint your walls red embroidered violent or concise. Sometimes the initial enthusiasm of first-time housewives is a bit exhilarating and overwhelming, to say the least. Then I put some poor and elementary notions of feng shui, because after trying to be a housewife full time if there is a little of this ancient Eastern practice, but recently discovered in the West, say that the yin and yang are unbalanced and weapon. .