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Help with orientation in the jungle of constantly changing special offers mobile surfing is becoming increasingly popular with many people. So it allows himself almost from anywhere in Germany on the Internet dial, to read, to write an eMail or messages to arrange with friends in a community. Earlier this privilege was often reserved for only businessmen, because mobile Internet tariffs via UMTS or HSDPA only on volume or per-minute basis have been settled. Current but experienced a break in mobile data tariffs. So, more and more providers in the different mobile networks capture the market for mobile data services via UMTS, HSDPA or EDGE. There were many new providers who have gone on the market in January 2009 or the previous provider have changed in part several times your prices to undercut themselves each other with new actions. So, it is increasingly difficult to identify the suitable for collective bargaining in the jungle of offers for the normal users of this mobile data services.

For some time there but also for mobile Internet rates the opportunity to find the lowest fare using a UMTS tariff calculator. This is roughly comparable to offerings, how to you today for this find the cheapest DSL – or electricity provider knows. Calculator allows one to select a desired network, as well as the maximum contract period. Also you can even specify whether you stick a subsidised UMTS or would like to order a subnotebook. From the UMTS calculator to determine the rates best according to the personal and represents them sorted according to the monthly basic charge and run-time. It is so in the future no longer need to seek the Internet pages of all providers and tedious to compare the offers, because in the UMTS HSDPA calculator current promotional offers are stored, which then all appear on the searchers. Marco Otis