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Marxism Form

by yudaica2013 ·

Contrary to Marxism, admits that the economy does not condition the ideal form, but that the legal form is the logic driving of all economic activity, the existence of economic relations that would not have a legal form that their meaning to these is not possible relations. According to The Author, who has experience with these questions. Only through law could be considered in social relations; Why is the legal form of economy logical apriori Stammler differentiated the notion of the right of its concept identified, because the idea of the law with justice 9 law is the will binding, autarkic and inviolable, said in the same work philosophy of law 10. For GUSTAVO RADBRUCH the right belongs to the realm of culture. Right is all that can be object of an appreciation of Justice or injustice. Law is what should be just right, be it or not; law is what finally pursues justice, although it not you must have by no means reached what determines the concept of the right is, precisely, not the essence of the value justice, but the substratum or essence to which referred to justice, then reaching the conclusion that right is regulation of the society or community 11. For the Restorer of the authentically studies philosophical, GIORGIO del VECCHIO, the right is objectively coordinating possible actions between various subjects, according to an ethical principle which determines them excluding any impediment.

Maximo Pacheco, admirer and disciple of this great master, so says the idea of of Del Vecchio: as the law indicates the limit between the work of several subjects, his transgression implies an invasion in the legal field that circumscribes the alien activity, within which will always understood the power to repel the aggression, which, like all the other legal powersIt involves not a necessity but an ethical possibility. Law and legal possibility to prevent tort, i.e. law and coercibility, are fundamentally inseparable.