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Social Conventions

by yudaica2013 ·

We are subjected to the tyranny of social conventions. We have forgotten that we are the owners of our own lives and we just chose what should feel and who we want to be. Subject to the rigor of what is just or unjust. He thinks that these concepts cannot be extrapolated to every particular case of each person. What is right for one person may not be for another due to the multiple factors that appear in our life.

Us, after a period of reflection, we only know what is best for us. We must seek our own particular well-being. You have the power to manage your life at your leisure. Your you are the sole owner of it and have the power to control how you feel. We must not allow our emotions we crawl. We must take charge of the situation. You have the power to choose the thoughts that should hold your head. If you feel that your mind is a hotbed of negative thoughts you have to put your head in order and expel those thoughts and invite those that make you feel good. You have the power to do this.