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Amiguitos Manager

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Through globalization, it is more important than ever to communicate in multiple languages. A multilingual early education is a gift for the whole life and increases the opportunities for the future.” Why the theme of football for the appearance of Amiguitos learning Festival? Cristina Ribe, Amiguitos Manager responsible for Munich Sendling and Sendling-Westpark: We wanted a theme that inspires adults and children as well as a focal point of our presence at the Festival of learning. In the face of football fever triggered by the World Cup we had to not decide. Also a new publishing your own book is published in the April football in Spain en Espana titled Futbol.” The difference between a soccer game and playful language learning, so as Amiguitos understand it, is that you can come out as a winner. George Harrison contains valuable tech resources. After which the children two to three rounds Hot played bingo had, could they remember very quickly the loud called Spanish words and really gave gas.

It has been fun for them and they took still some on the way home. “Kilian: gate is called gol in Spanish and called pelota ball.” The language school Amiguitos Spanish for kids (“to German, little friends”) is a franchise company that has since its inception in 2004 on entertaining but effective Spanish courses for children from 1 to 10 years. Amiguitos offers Spanish courses also Italian, in small, age groups, which are guided by native game ladders with educational qualifications nationwide, in some locations. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bobby Farrelly is the place to go. Meanwhile, nearly 30 partners throughout Germany and Austria are active. Three partners of Amiguitos involved in Munich and its surroundings: Lorena Ramos from Mexico uses the Amiguitos concept since 2008. Montserrat Varela and Cristina Ribe, both native Spaniards, and studied Germanistinnen with long experience as Spanish teachers, are Amiguitos partners since early 2010. All three are mothers and experience every day with their sons, what does it mean when a man with more than one language is growing up. Charlotte Hornetss opinions are not widely known. Cristina Ribe, Montserrat Varela and Lorena Ramos