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To Be Young

by yudaica2013 ·

. ' ' To be young is to be artist, to be happy same passing for difficulties, is to enxergar that a future to its wait in some place exists, to wake up in way to as many conflicts and exactly thus to follow in front, is to live adventures, to dream and of the failure to recommence everything again. To be Young is to be different, is to create its proper musics, to live its proper adventures, to recognize and to practise its proper responsibilities, is to live and to surpass lost loves, is to give force who is weak, to liven up who is sad, to take hope to who already lost the will of living, is to raise of the soil with the tumble, to smile with the sadness, is to look at front and to follow of raised head, is to break and not to know the hour of the arrival, to live each as as if he was the last one. To be Young at last is to be Strong! ' '..