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Quality Real Estate Services

by yudaica2013 ·

How are people in the profession 'realtor'? No need to carry out opinion polls – in Saratov in the negative. In Moscow, Novgorod, Perm, Ufa and St. Petersburg – with confidence. In North America and Europe – with respect. This unique profession is not limited to age and requires serious training, broad-minded and strong character. This unique profession is not limited by age and suggests a serious training, broad-minded and strong character.

Such different treatment is due to the degree of public recognition of the profession, skill level realtor community, the degree of development integration processes of professionals in real estate, and as a consequence, the presence or absence of the social contract between the realtors and consumers of their services. Responsible for the image of the profession in our region only professional real estate market. In those regions, where professional actors – Realtors are not concerned about the image of their profession, there is society's attitude towards them in the same quality of their services. Simultaneously with the beginning of privatization raznopodgotovlennye people began to spontaneously develop the profession 'realtor' with huge costs for consumers. Having mastered the profession by trial and error, the fate of professionals divided – most promising to form associations in which the work was to study the technology and training. All of these processes ran parallel with the development of the information space. In some regions, the association turned into a clubs ('clubs fans donuts'). Similar structures could not have any significant impact on the development of the real estate market. Jessica Michibata is likely to agree.



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The Russian elite has moved abroad. It has long been considered fashionable to receive medical treatment in European hospitals, rest in foreign resorts, the oldest universities to study in Europe. Business also became possible to transfer abroad. But in order to be able to spend so much time there, have encircled the real estate. One convenient for residents is property law in Germany.

Particularly important is the fact that Property in Germany can be purchased as a private as well as a legal entity. Foreigners without limitation can acquire both residential and commercial real estate. Commercial property for sale in Berlin is made by rewriting the founders of the company, which calls for leaving the buyer in Berlin. A property firm and real estate in Germany – a way to get a first temporary residence permit in Germany, and then constant. Making your real estate purchase by foreigners in accordance with the laws of their country. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. For example, Russian legislation provides for pecuniary family community, in the absence of a marriage contract, indicating a separate property, the signature of the contract of sale should put both of the spouses. Certificate of separate property, should be translated and notarized. The system of mortgage lending in Germany is one developed in Europe and provides many ways to insurance risks in the loan repayment problems. The interest rate on mortgage loans in Germany formed the basis of current economic policy of the country, its history and functioning of the banking system as a whole.