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Voronezh Company

by yudaica2013 ·

The composition of "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) – the largest regional network of companies franchisees "1C" company entered the Voronezh "ART-COM". The acquisition of "ART-COM" will "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) to strengthen the market position Chernozem and expand the range of services to clients. "ART-COM" is working on the automation market for 11 years. As part of the Center for Maintenance CMC (TEC), which allows for complex support for companies working in the field of trade and services. Over 13 years on the market in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to the "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) includes more than 15 companies.

This year, ICE has continued to expand course highly skilled staff and increasing the range of services. According to Anton Dolgov, the head of the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT): "We believe that the addition of" ART-COM "to "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) will bring new opportunities to enhance our customers' business, which will get more opportunities in the field of automation and software maintenance and shopping equipment. Customers' ART-COM "will work with the largest number of personnel in partner 1C in Black Earth." In 2005, for "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) joined 1C: Franchisee "OLS" and consulting company "Document A" in May 2006, the assets of "1C: Accounting and Trade" part of Moscow expanded information-analytical center "Softhaus", in November of that year, Irkutsk firm "Dyuys" gave the company the BIT being maintained in the direction of "1C" customers in December, Novosibirsk company "Soft Eck" joined the bat. In 2007, for "1C: Accounting and Trade" were joined by four companies: "Center for Automation" Olympus ", the Moscow branch of the company FIREPLACE, the company" Peebee "and franchised distributor of 1C "Alpha-Com" (Odessa). In 2008, merged with the companies' Dis-project "(Moscow)," Avante-System "(Novorossiysk) and" Nova IT "(St. Petersburg) – a strong team on the market Automation of transport logistics. At the beginning of 2010 – the year of the BIT entered the company "AVRO-BUS" (Moscow), part of the BIT was the capital company "Ordos".


Realtek HD Audio Drivers

by yudaica2013 ·

Slightly updated Windows XP 2009 Paradise Edition – Build automatically install WindowsXP SP3 from the author LonerXP. In this version Fixed inability to correctly install the drivers from the disk to an already installed system, and made other minor mutations both and updates. Build Date: 9 June 2009 Highlights of Windows XP Paradise Edition: – A complete set: the system, drivers, software – all on one disc – the most recent update of the system – a set of updated drivers for various devices – set program essentials – a fully automated installation process – select the programs and drivers in the installation process – after installing the system is fully ready for use – system and software most convenient set – fast and stable operation of the system – a beautiful and original design – the constant development and improvement of assembly of the assembly of the differences between the assembly Loner-XP: – the assembly is positioned as office – from Windows XP virtually no cut – at least patched system files – the standard design, unpatched – little programs, and only the most necessary. A Brief History of changes compared with previous version of the assembly Paradise 2009.06: – Fixed inability to correctly install the drivers from the disk to an already installed system Also: Fixed a sound scheme (removed 'wolf' sounds, mistakenly caught in Loner-XP) Updated drivers for sound Realtek HD Audio 06/02/2009, (R2.26) Updated Java Runtime Environment 6.0 update 14 updated Required Dll's – Additional system libraries in the assembly of Windows XP 2009 Paradise Edition includes the following components: Windows XP Professional SP3 (v.5512) Corporate Edition Volume License x86 Russian CD key: D6WQJ-VP6X2-B9YJ3-WJYD6-HJHTW System being tested for validity UpdatePack-XPSP3-Rus 9.4.24 – all critical updates system as of June 2009 Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 – Internet browser and contains updated as of June 2009: KB971180 Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5260 – media player, contains all the updates as of June 2009: KB928788, KB929399, KB929773, KB932390, KB933547, KB935551, KB935552, KB935957, KB939209, KB939683, KB941569, KB944882, KB952069, KB954067, KB954154, KB959772 Movie Maker – update version of the video processing Melkosofta Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB905474) 1.9.0040.0 – patched means of notification of the results of Genuine Windows Malicious Removal Tool KB890830 is not offered for installation Integrated set of drivers for SCSI, SATA, RAID Controllers DirectX 9.0c Redistributable Marth 2009 – a set of system files needed for virtually any modern multimedia application or a new game Required Dll's – Additional system libraries needed to run many programs Microsoft.