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Power Body

by yudaica2013 ·

Approaching the coldest months of the year, December and January, times in which we must take certain precautions to the now plan for sport hunting. If the form of hunting is from espiadero the main drawback is the inactivity to which we submit our body, be immobile for hours is a point against in times of cold as body temperature decreases, begin the tremors and becomes more challenging, the concentration and the aim at the time of the shooting. For even more opinions, read materials from San Antonio Spurs. It is advisable to do exercises such as push-ups or stretches, so that we can retain heat, always taking care to not draw attention to the dam. As for the clothes, the main function is the retain the heat that we need and maintaining a balance of temperature, so it is important to plan items that we carry in moments of winter hunting season. A smart strategy to beat the cold and immobility is to dress in layers, this is a flexible way to protect us from the cold and catch including existing air to heat it and use it as thermal insulator. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. The clothes must be permeable to moisture generated by evaporation of water on the surface of the body, allowing its output, and be impervious to the passage of water from the outside inward.

1st layer: the first layer of clothing (underwear) should be wool or synthetic, away moisture from the body, since water conducts heat 25 times more efficiently than air. You should not use cotton clothes, since it absorbs moisture, the condenses and then cools it produces cold. 2nd layer: the second layer shall fulfil the function of isolate and retain the heat of the body, e.g. shirt or pants of flannel or polar. The purpose of this second layer is trapping insulated air and while air has on clothes, better insulation. 3rd layer: the third layer is convenient to test water and air, protecting us from the cold and at the same time retain the heat of the inner layers. You should choose colors dark or camouflaged.

An important part of the body is the chest, which contains the largest concentration of blood, element that distributes body heat. Tips: Protect hands, head and feet is very important. Accessories in this case that we cannot forget are wool socks, snow gloves and hats with skin and protector for ears, should only be exposed eyes, nostrils and mouth. An important point of the footwear is tested with a double pair of stockings post, to choose the suitable size so that feet do not press too hard since this reduces the flow of blood, thus we would be committing the distribution of body heat. Power: Another way to generate calories is consuming foods if possible hot chocolate, cold cuts and bread, cream soups, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, make sure before both the wrappers, utensils for eating, thermos, and food containers do not make noise to be manipulated a type of food that should be avoided in the post of hunting are extremely perfumed grocerysuch as onions, garlic, strong citrus like oranges, etc. Finally mention teams heaters, batteries, and tablets of coal firing within special containers, plastic bags with chemicals that can be activated and generate heat, are extremely useful accessories during the I look.