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Digital Age

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Great part of the young, today, divides its time in two lives: real one and another virtual one. It has who defends that the age of the Internet brought limitless advantages to youth. Others affirm that ' ' communication digitalizada' ' it becomes young each time duller. The fact is that the Internet has potential to be much more of what simple entertainment; the good use of its resources alone depends on the interest of the users. The sprouting of the net made possible innovations, until then, unknown in the world of the communications. The Internet is only the half one where any person can speak, think, criticize and not only to receive information. Sailing in web, the adolescent reads diverse texts, manifest opinion, argues, analyzes the veracity of the content and, thus, she develops the proper criticidade. For the young, the advantages are, are truth, limitless.

But it has a disadvantage, that it comes of the lack of interest in looking the useful side of the Internet. With the sprouting of sites of relationship as orkut, to be connected to the net turned modismo. Therefore, currently, part of the inclusion if of the one for the presence of ' ' life online' '. The young search reasons to connect itself instead of if connecting when it has necessity. Moreover, a majority of adolescents exists who not yet enxerga in the digital universe the benefit of being able to exactly pass to the others a positive image regarding itself.

For the Internet, it is not possible to discern race or social classroom. Soon, the cultural difference only exists in the net, denounced for the levels of lingustico domain of the published texts. This would have to stimulate them to improve it the writing, since they have, in the Internet, possibility of sobressair itself for what they know and not for what they have. But, what it is seen, today, it is the craze to value ' ' mutilation of linguagens' ' , many times disdaining the correct orthography. Ahead of this, it fits to the adults not to forbid, but to guide the young in relation to the good use of the Internet. To ask for to the adolescent that it has left to read periodicals or reviewed the computer, for example, arrives to be an mistake. This because the proper Internet already disponibiliza these resources with rapidity and praticidade, and in this consists the biggest revolution that the digital world brought in them. The challenge is to educate the young so that it uses the Internet in benefit of its intellect. It is clearly, therefore, that the problem is not in web, but in the set of values that the new generations cultuam, For well guided children and adolescents, the Internet alone has advantages to offer. The Digital Age did not become the dull young. For the opposite, the previous dullness of many young is that an instrument that promises to be, for youth became villain, much more of what simple entertainment: the Internet.


Programming Objective

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The main objective of this phase is the construction of the software system, with focus in the development and management of components and other resources of the system and in the control of operations, similar to optimize the profits, programming and the quality. It is in the phase of Construction that most of codification occurs. Phase of Transistion: It is the phase with objective of delivery of software to the final user and the phase of tests and corrections on the basis of feedbacks of the user. The objective of this phase is to disponibilizar the system, becoming it available and understood for the final user through activities that include the training of the final users, tests of the version beta of the system, aiming at to guarantee that software possesss the adequate and acceptable level of qualidade.DisciplinasUma discipline it is a set of activities related to an area of important interest in all the project. The main objective of the grouping of activities in you discipline is to help to understand the project from a perspective in cascade traditional.

For example, generally it is more common to execute definitive activities of requirements in direct coordination with the activities of analysis and design. The separation of these activities in you discipline distinct facilitates the understanding, but it makes it difficult the programming. Modeling business-oriented: We define the architecture business-oriented as an organized set of elements with transparent relationships ones with the others that, together, all form one definite one for the corresponding functionality. The elements represent the organizacional and mannering structure of a system and show to abstractions of the main processes and structures of the business. In this phase the Organization chart of the organization is created of the processes, the elaboration of the structural vision of the organization, the culture of the same one, as well as the development of abilities of the team and in the definition of the mechanisms and standards and to be applied.


Home Theater

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In recent years increased in popularity and relevance of buying a home theater. Frequently Related Group has said that publicly. A huge number of visitors to cinemas spend part of their budget on a monthly basis to enjoy the spectacle and to teach the charge positive emotions. But now an opportunity to enjoy surround sound and a colorful picture of a favorite movie in the comfort of your home. Home Theatre – is a complex and delicate system that can not be considered in isolation from the specific conditions of installation and future primary purpose. Modern home theater is a multifunctional complex, which allows you to enjoy surround sound and a colorful picture of a favorite movie in the comfort of your home. The main factor for high-quality surround sound “home theater” is the use of multichannel sound systems processor-based digital audio formats such as Dolby Digital & Dts, amps of different configurations, speaker systems designed specifically for home theater.

At the sound of loudspeakers particularly influenced by the cable used. For home theater systems use a special speaker cable with copper conductors, produced by special technology of rolled metal with a low content oxygen doped with precious metals – gold and silver. An important point in establishing a system of ‘home cinema’ is a competent sound training facilities, without which even the most advanced acoustic system will not be able to realize their potential. Tony Parker shines more light on the discussion. For this purpose special sound-absorbing ceilings, walls and flooring, as well as a variety of reflective surfaces. No less important in a home theater, is visual equipment. Typically, video sources in the system is DVD-players. The quality of imaging depends precisely on those sources. After that, the image is displayed on the screen, as which can act as a normal tv and plasma tv. But it is more comfortable using a ‘home theater’ projector with a projection screen. With this combination, perhaps, to get the most big image with superb image quality. Such a combination of video equipment and surround sound will immerse themselves in a scene that occurs on the screen and feel all those special effects, which are conceived director of the film. We should not forget that the selection of home theater, this is a serious problem that can be entrusted only to qualified professionals.


Electronics Games

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Summary: The present intitled article ' ' ELECTRONIC GAMES: A partner-cultural phenomenon in the world moderno' ' it has for objective to approach as the electronic games influence in the way of life of the players and as they had firmed as culture, telling its benefits and curses and as they serve for the formation of the personality. The article deals with first the video-games and games and as they had contributed in the formation of a new style of culture and that benefits and curses this culture brought obtains and as came evolving and if transforming the games and its players. Word-Key: Electronic games, Social Culture, Games. Abstract: This article entitled ' ' ELECTRONIC GAMES: Sociocultural phenomenon in the modern world' ' is meant you address how video games affect the livelihood of the players and how they established themselves culture, describing to their benefits and harms and how they serves will be the formation of personality. This article is the first video games and this games and how they have fostered new style of culture and the benefits and harm brought culture and how it cam evolving and transforming the game and its players. Key Words: Electronics Games, Culture, Social Games.

1 INTRODUCTION the growth of the conviviality technological man and ways for the entertainment makes possible in them to live deeply some experiences. Through the electronic games we see directly as the conviviality with the technology some times influences in them. Since its sprouting for military purposes, in years 50, the games made possible to have strategical slight knowledge of the operations and its consequncias in the combat field, but it was with the popularizao of the video-games, in middle of years 70, that in them it was possible to observe the sprouting of a new culture, culture this on one to the half electronic and the video-games.