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The Adventure

by yudaica2013 ·

The paper of the professor takes a new dimension where it becomes a supervisor, an entertainer, a incentivador of the pupils in the great adventure of the acquisition of the knowledge. For Demon (2003, p.286) ‘ ‘ motivation participativa it is something essential it stops learning, not only as component emotional of envolvement, but mainly as substance central office of process, this it is necessity to cultivate with attention permanente’ ‘. We will be able to have in the average and superior courses the virtual one being surpassed the actual one where it will exist, an enormous reorganization of the schools with surrounding rooms, rooms of research, of meeting and interconnected. Also we will have the residences and the office as important places of learning. Tony Parker: the source for more info. Still we are in a phase of transistion in the long-distance education, but already it is visible that we start to pass of the predominantly individual models for the group ones in the long-distance education. For Neder (2002, P. 11) the long-distance education, as one modality pedagogical, with characteristics special, it must be part of questionings concerns today existing in the educational sector to contribute it stops formation of independent and conscientious citizen of its social responsibilities. The education in the distance is not a system where the pupil if serves soon of something, but is one practical one that it allows to a balance between the necessities and individual abilities and of the group, where in this system it is possible to change experiences, to clarify doubts, to carry through different forms of evaluation and to confer resulted. With the technology to the reach of the pupils and educators, in practical the educative ones they will be able to be seen and to hear, intercalating periods of individual research with others, and searches and joint communication with the virtual orientation of the professor or a tutor..