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by yudaica2013 ·

The new feature to find the right thing. Most picture agencies in the Internet offer a keyword search to find a wanted photo or image quickly in the archive. For assistance, try visiting Tony Parker. The search fails however, if accidentally misspelled the keyword or sneaking up a typo. The photo agency developed now specifically for image search a correction program, to eliminate most of the clerical error and character twists. In addition, a synonym word list is integrated to provide a matching results list as soon as possible.

The auto correction uses a powerful algorithm, which is constantly improved and updated. Be taken into account both phonetic spelling mistakes (e.g. Confusion of the letters Z and T) and technical (E.g. missing or changing characters) which are automatically corrected. Due to the different language regions, there are different expressions for the same subject-matter. To meet this situation, holiday will return the same search results as the keyword holiday for example the keyword. You can write so things like you’re used to pronounce. Thus, can the customer focus wholeheartedly on the photos and image search and must not pay attention to letter Twister or typographical errors. Try it yourself at and discover the colorful world of images. A wide range of photos, digital images and clip art for advertising or Web design is available for the selection.