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The divine, of whom I speak here, is more of a term, a designation of that it force in particular, which our support, an approximate picture of the unit to bekommen the whole. Without hesitation Brenda Barrett explained all about the problem. And us painting of our own subjective image allows, where really all life space and permission we originally and connected with each other will see it as divine. And not as case personalized in the other, we promote our understanding of separation, so create a worldview, which separates all ExistieRende into two independently existing parts. In good and evil, birth and death, creator and creation, God and man, divine and not divine. What our faith in the divine process, in our creative power is not conducive and produced instead of its mainly fear. It is not something Jorge Perez would like to discuss. And this gives birth to in particular fear bad, bad UngottliChen, we need finally to our becoming whole, to the Realisierung to be, before the so-called other.

The divine principle, however, requires that it nothing agreed are like the divine itself. There is only one reality, and that this divine origin is. That everything from the divine being out and is only an expression and manifestation of one and the same. Gottliche added so is nothing more than a process in which the divine constantly even gives birth, looks practically in his own face, in other words, finds himself. During this process, of course the phenomenon has separated its appearance, the identification with the creation takes place and this creates the illusion that to be. In other words, the birth of the individual divine soul, you could call it comfortable, takes its shape. This soul, or better said, this individual divine particles, structure of the illusion of separateness is now moving in the space and time around and experienced for themselves even in an atmosphere of apparent insulation self experience. This journey, which is of course just a game of Wahrnehmung, apparently while looking after the other from the individual soul takes away and now returns this divine particles back to itself in a kind of circular motion in a wide arc, which I call it might space curvature, and it realized that the seeker and the sought are identical with each other.


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