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in absolute silence contemplates that appearance. In perfect order and harmony they locate themselves side by side in a raised place more than the floor of the square, to a small distance of the ancios, observe that them in silence. All attend compenetrados, to the scenes that if uncurl. They know the work of the Warriors of the Rainbow, but they had seen never them, mainly thus so close. Immediately after the commander of the Warriors enters. Ben Bretzman gathered all the information. For our surprise it is the leader ancio that if absented the same of the village in day where they had arrived. Now the reason of its is understood really appearance in that population, its permanent linking with the leaders of the other localities and the departure of all the leaders in the same chance. Author has much to offer in this field.

The commander of the Warriors of the Rainbow comes to the planet guiding a great number of men initiated in the Science of the Cosmos, with the main mission to promote the rise of the collective conscience, making those peoples will go up plus a step in the stairs of the evolutivo progress. now, that another great surprise will be disclosed to the people? The commander takes its place and of the beginning to the ceremony. With the open hands and the raised arms it comes back the eyes toward the blue one of the firmamento and makes its initial invocation: – ' ' Divine Force that conducts the Infinite Creation, assistiz us in this bendita hour! To be able Galactic that they preside over this Planetary System they grant them happiness to it to take the good term the execution of our current task! Warrior of the Yellow Shield, makes its presentation of the work that will be desenvolvido' '. The Warrior of the Yellow Shield assumes tribune and if dirige to the multitude: – ' ' Ahead of all here gifts and my commander; with the permission of the Superior Forces that conduct our evolution, which I credit the success of this mission, I declare to have transmitted to the missionaries in service in this planetary sphere the energy of the Will, that will be for them spread aiming at to stimulate the collective progress of the local humanity! ' '. One by one the warriors make quickly the exposition of its respective works of transmission of its respective energies to the initiated masters. For the order the transmitted energies had been the following ones: ORDER/ENERGY SHIELD OF the Yellow WARRIOR 1 Will 2 Lilac Feeling 3 Red Work 4 Harmonization Orange 5 Blue Knowledge 6 Green Idealismo 7 Violet Organization After all the warriors to make its respective expositions, registering in cosmic ether, with the vibratory force of its emissions, the corresponding energy configuration to the developed work, the meeting if locks up. All masters initiate trip of return to its villages.

The objective of the Warriors of the Rainbow fully was reached and in elapsing of the centuries the results will only be evaluated. They leave in the route of new missions. The built city to accomodate that people who gives logistic support to them was abandoned and of it, currently, the ruins are veem only. Cndido Joo Da Silva Grandson (Bueno Brando/MG)


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