Vetromile Text

by yudaica2013 ·

According to Ribeiro and Arajo (2007, P. 167), the allure that the digital technologies exert on the life of the people is something uncosteded, therefore they not only attract adult, but also young e, mainly, the children. It has been each more common time to observe the people to decide many daily problems through messages changed for the cellular one, the digital operations in electronic boxes of the bank agencies, or for the access to the Internet. Of these practical, the Internet seems to be the one that more attracts people of all the ages. Other leaders such as movie star offer similar insights. The technological supports, in special, the Internet, propitiate the sprouting of new sorts, thanks to the interference of these supports in day-by-day of the reader. Hipertexto enters in scene and the not-linearity (in opposition to the linearity of the texts printed matters) if manifest between texts, the reader determines what it goes to be read, has a domain on the part of this on the text and its construction, as they affirm Leffa and Vetromile-Castrate (2008, P. 171), ' ' hipertexto in the computer is a text around of which other texts gravitam, as a planetary system, where each planet could at any time assume the position of the sun, determined for the will of leitor.' ' On the other hand to the proportionate autonomy for this modality, the reader in the great majority of the cases has that to exert the function of ' ' detetive' ' to look for, to read and to analyze the tracks ' ' links' ' , making linkings of what really it needs, determining conscientiously the passage to follow, (reverse speed) creating a new text, attributing a new felt to the text to be read. The professors had started to count on new options for elaboration of lessons expositivas, through the use of the Internet and of its tools (email, blog, chat, frum, tools of search etc.), for being a space of development, construction of information and texts.


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