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Implant – a specially made, and in a certain way crafted titanium rod, which is injected into the jaw bone. This rod, in the future, serves as a basis for setting crown. Implantation creates feature: 1. restore the lost tooth without obtachivaya neighboring defect teeth 2. use in prosthetics lost tooth or teeth fixed prosthesis use of modern technologies in the hands of a professional and patient compliance with directions of the doctor can achieve engraftment of the implant in 96% of cases. This operation is performed under local anesthesia, when the jawbone introduced titanium designs (Implants).

Manipulation is the time for about an hour. After the procedure, after a certain period of time (3-6 months) required for engraftment of implants, manufactured and installed dentures. For the period engraftment can be made temporary prostheses. Prior to the implantation and prosthesis in most cases requires hygienic preparation and sanitation of the oral cavity, X-ray examination. Physio-implantologist carefully hold the clinical examination, study all the attendant diseases, if necessary, appoint additional examination and diagnosis. Further details can be found at Ken Kao, an internet resource. Planning accuracy in each case is the basis long-term success of the treatment of teeth. In this case, the doctor should rule out contraindications, exhaustively explain the patient the planned activities. Further, our doctors will teach you to properly care for new teeth, select the right tool for oral hygiene rta.My will be glad to offer you a free consultation. If you intend to apply to our clinic, it is desirable to take to the doctor a picture of "all teeth" or ortopantomogrammu, which is necessary for the planning of implantation. Details at:


Alcohol Abuse

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Great and dangerous error to mix the two concepts of 'drunkenness' and 'alcoholism'. Despite the similarity of symptoms (frequent and excessive use of drink) – they are two different states. Drunkenness is the result of misconduct, alcohol abuse – a manifestation of severe disease. Normal drinker drinks a lot, but unlike the alcoholic, has maintained control over the amount of alcohol consumed. Boozer can get educational measures do not drink. Alcoholic – you can not. From a medical point of view, alcoholism is a disease caused by the systematic use of alcoholic beverages and characterized by a pathological attraction to him.

Alcoholism – is also alcohol abuse, but no signs of alcoholic disease. This means that the drinker does not suffer from binge and abstinence syndrome. Boozer can be made to not drink alcoholic – no. Drunkenness – rather, it is psychological defect, when a person simply can not imagine that it is possible in some other way to relax, spend weekends and holidays, the guests in the house – this is no reason to run for the vodka that male prowess is not measured in liters and etc. To drinker refused to alcohol, you need not so much medical as emotional factor. Visit Jessica Michibata for more clarity on the issue.

Often such factors are risks of destruction of family relationships, love and desire to win the darling (Elect), a new job, where drunkenness is unacceptable, serious illness, forced to renounce alcohol, etc. It is quite another alcoholic who simply can not drink due to some physiological reason. Alcoholic educational needs is not taken, and a serious and skilled treatment to detoxify the body and reduce cravings for alcohol. Symptoms of alcoholism: – receiving a large dose of alcohol does not cause a defensive reaction – Vomiting: the body gets used to, ceases to resist – the loss of control over the amount of alcohol consumed: booze – the changing nature of intoxication: there is a vicious, aggressive, lapses of memory, easing pain sensitivity



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They say if you're over 40, you wake up and you have no pain – you are already in paradise! And really – the bad knee bent, then the head ache a little for no reason. Reluctance to get up, you feel that the body has not recovered, he would still lie down for at least a little bit … The most common remedy for this: get up and do chores. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. Indeed, already by 10-11 hours you forget about minor ailments. True, the next morning, everything is repeated – not recovered per night another part of the body, plus a general fatigue.

But we hope will be as yesterday, or better. Yes … Not all the perceived problem is less that one year you will not be 40 and 41, and a year later – 42. And every morning will not have time to recover slightly larger slice of the body. Well, a little bit more. And these problems are beginning to accumulate. Also a little bit. And when builds up enough …

But if once a week to remove all this poser! Accumulate will be nothing. First, it would be nicer to live, and secondly, and probably longer. This question occupies the minds of people long ago, an excerpt from the book "Essays ki Thai traditional medicine." Vogralik VG Vyazmensky ES M., 1961. 192 with. In 1795 in Edo (old name for Tokyo) arrived at the invitation of First Minister is one of the oldest people in Japan – the farmer Mampe.


Coronary Disease

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Coronary artery bypass surgery what is the essence of such an operation? Coronary artery bypass surgery – is to create a new path for the inflow of arterial blood from the aorta to the coronary artery. Used for this vein taken from the hip patients (autovein), which one end is sewn to the aorta, and others – into the coronary artery. Shunt can be based on the defeat of one or more arteries. To understand jewelry how such an operation, and a filigree technique requires the surgeon, it is enough to say that you have to sew blood vessels with a diameter of 2 to 1 mm. Jorge Perez understood the implications. In a world now made tens of thousands of such operations patients suffering from coronary heart disease. Their efficiency is obvious.

Thousands of patients confined to bed due to severe angina treated with nitroglycerin ever have been spared the pain and returned to work. "Zone of Hope." Surgery of myocardial infarction and if still developed a heart attack? Could you help a patient urgently to restore circulation in the coronary vessel, corked, and thus prevent further spread of the disease? It turned out that it is possible. Jorge Perez is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The experience gained in the surgical treatment of chronic ischemic heart disease, allowed to apply the operation and coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with acute and so called threatening myocardial infarction when the patient is on the verge of transition from angina to heart attack. There is a fair question: what is the point in the restoration of blood flow, if a heart attack has already developed? Indeed, as known to have suffered a heart attack and then dead of heart muscle is not restored. At this point in time formed connective tissue scar. However, it seems that there is a heart attack around the hearth so periinfarktnaya called zone, which plays an important role in the outcome.