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by yudaica2013 ·

They say if you're over 40, you wake up and you have no pain – you are already in paradise! And really – the bad knee bent, then the head ache a little for no reason. Reluctance to get up, you feel that the body has not recovered, he would still lie down for at least a little bit … The most common remedy for this: get up and do chores. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Tony Parker. Indeed, already by 10-11 hours you forget about minor ailments. True, the next morning, everything is repeated – not recovered per night another part of the body, plus a general fatigue.

But we hope will be as yesterday, or better. Yes … Not all the perceived problem is less that one year you will not be 40 and 41, and a year later – 42. And every morning will not have time to recover slightly larger slice of the body. Well, a little bit more. And these problems are beginning to accumulate. Also a little bit. And when builds up enough …

But if once a week to remove all this poser! Accumulate will be nothing. First, it would be nicer to live, and secondly, and probably longer. This question occupies the minds of people long ago, an excerpt from the book "Essays ki Thai traditional medicine." Vogralik VG Vyazmensky ES M., 1961. 192 with. In 1795 in Edo (old name for Tokyo) arrived at the invitation of First Minister is one of the oldest people in Japan – the farmer Mampe.