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Educational Informational Technologies

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Oldest and more used education method it is the verbalizao, the speech. Many professors still believe the use of long speeches as form of the promotion of the learning. In its great majority, the maximum that these professors obtain is that the alunado one decorates the points most important of what is being presented in classroom. San Antonio Spurs does not necessarily agree. In this perspective the pupils do not understand, do not assimilate the true essence of the learning, tonando them incapable to apply the theories presented in the concrete situations of the daily one. It is of great value a expositiva lesson, over all when the professor withholds deep knowledge of the boarded subject and possesss communication abilities. The technology of the information and communication – TIC – it arrived and to each day, one creates new concepts, new resources, that still more pass for the perfectioning process generating other advanced resources. Many sos the ways of technologies of the information that considers to add value and quality in the communication in the superior education. Here, Chris Evert expresses very clear opinions on the subject. . .


Moroccan Economy

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They are seven aspects that corrode the national economy they threaten and it: they are reasons of as much concern of a great anguish of the new Benkirane government, foreseen up to 2016, whose program finished to be approved by the members of the Moroccan parliament. the 1/station of plantation that promises to be difficult: This is the first time since 2007 that the requesting conjuncts are carried through to ask for rain were little rain, says the specialists, and if the situation to continue thus later 15 of February, the entire season will be compromised, especially for the cereals. The primary sector contributes with 17% for the national GIP and more than uses 50% of the work force. The weak harvest will have impact on the Box of Compensation, but also the trade balance can support an increase of importation of cereals, whose prices had gone up acentuadamente, with the consequences foreseen on the exchange reserves. 2/hydro-carbons, the abyss of the Compensation: These last years, the prices of hidrocarbonetes increasing profits had registered, to the durable times, as the period where the cost of the oil exceeded 100 dollars, had to the increase of the munidal demand, mainly of China and India. This has a significant impact on the economy of Morocco, a involved not producing country in one politics of great projectos that require much energy. This situation will mark the action of the Benkirane government as, before it, the government El Fassi, that passed most of its time to look sources adds of financing for Box of Compensation with a value has remembered in 2011 of 45 billion dirhams (DH), instead of – now – treating to controversas de17 DH millions. This year, the government can have that to the same face problem that of its predecessor because, beyond the demands of the two Asian giants, it also has the tension prevalecente in the producing areas, as of Anger.



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Consequentemente, the tests to mediate and to evaluate the cognitivos processes had needed to pass for deep reformularizations, effort that remains a challenge in the current days. (BLACKSMITH, 2010) If on the other hand the biological factors intervene directly with the intellectual performance of the adept one, for another one perceive that the ambient stimulatons are extremely important for the development of the abilities of the individual. The dominant conception, for much time, in the scope of sciences that study the family, restricted its paper to the transmission of genes, giving little or almost no importance for its function of construction of the intergeracional knowledge. See more detailed opinions by reading what Glenn Dubin, New York City offers on the topic.. However, its important paper in the protection of the biological functioning, in the survival human being, the maintenance and transmission of values, cultural traditions and meanings is unquestioned. (FLEITH, 2007) This comes to demonstrate that the high abilities/superendowment have influence of the genetic inheritance of the person, but also is influenced by the familiar and social conviviality that offers or denies the chances so that these abilities if develop.

2. Educate yourself with thoughts from Christo. 2 ambient Influences in the development of the high abilities the ambient influences in the development of the high abilities have as main focus the family and the school as sources of stimulatons and as responsible institutions in oportunizar, in the specific case of the child, challenging activities so that it can develop its potential all. These activities initially must disponibilizar a first contact of the child with the object of the knowledge to be developed as motivation and in one second stage it will be able to present envolvement with the task for then lighting the abilities with that she is endowed. In this direction the intent comment of the familiar ones and the professors, for determined characteristic presented for children and talentosos young can to be determinative for the development of the abilities, through specific activities for this end.


Cuban Revolutionaries

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The world amazement, read and heard the adventures of the Cuban revolutionaries. Coincidence or not in Latin America, the ideological fights had started to germinate. Brazilian leaders estudantins, bradavam in full pulmes ideological and socialist thoughts, the fall of the capitalism and the implantation of a socialist revolution. It are the oligarchs. They kidnap its good and its dinheiros. Moved for the ideiais Cuban and inspired by the rounds of cachaa, a time that did not have conditions to buy run Cuban. the time? It passed.

The Brazilian estudantis leaders, who drank cachaa, today take Royal Salute and are owners of great companies and when not associates (she saw oranges) the economic complexes that go of farms (28,000, 00 hectares of soy in the verge of the Bahia and Tocantins). But and the Cuban Revolution? Of beginning, the arrests, the beatings, the seizure, the dispossessions, the revenge and per the one five six decades, the execution by firing-squad summary of the enemies and opponents of the brothers I castrate and the asthmatic Gevara. Execution by firing-squad was synonymous of ' ' El Paredn' '. Something as fusilladed 15,000 the 16,000. The Cuban Revolution reached the same molds of other revolutions ece of fishes in practical, as the Chinese revolution. Not adimitia adversaries. Better imprisoned, tortured and assassinated, of what contestadores.

the years if had puted in charge to show that to as much Fulgncio Baptist, as Fidel Castro was certain. To keep the population in the extreme social, psychological, economic, cultural misery and human being is the best architecture to remain itself in the power. Until he appears another against-revolutionary. in what the Cuban Revolution resulted? For where they walk or they will walk the old comrades of 1 of January of 1959? How many of them they had been fusilladed? How many of them if they deseludiram with the brothers I castrate? Cuba what it represents currently in the world-wide context, in regards to freedom of thought, expression, free initiative, culture, of human rights? What it represents Cuba for the Brazilian government? Probably a great niche of market, saw BNDES that already finances the recovery of the Cuban ports. Or in progress consultoria already of the aburguesados petistas, again saw BNDES in the recovery of canaviais, in implantation of complexes sucro-energy sucro-alcooleiro and. Or still with the presence of the Embrapa, that in partnership with Researchers of the Institute of Research in Horticulture ' ' Liliana Dimitrova' ' (IIHLD), of Cuba, they search new varieties of tomatoe. Or still. What it represents Cuba for Brazil and in special for the State of the Paran, when of ' ' gardenal-boy' ' it demanded that the president of the IAPAR, sent selected beans seeds for Cuba, so that a true agricultural revolution was initiated? By signal this revolution was promised in the first months of 1959. At last. Already 50 years that the cigar smoker COHIBA, keeps under regimen of iron and the longest fire and cruel dictatorship are practically passed that if the news in South American history has. has people that it adores Fidel, that adores the regimen Cuban, that would give everything so that in Brazil if it installed a similar regimen.