1st ICSI

by yudaica2013 ·

In 2007, we conducted our first assisted fertility treatment called ICSI. In this treatment extracted sperm and inject it into the egg outside the uterus is assisted in the laboratory. It is expected to be transformed into an embryo and implanted it to women to continue their process of fertilization. Nothing absurd, no Only one medical help for my semen is happily blessed with the seed that will give life and thus, the stork comes to Paris nonstop across the ocean and drown. Although this time, beyond any attempt to doctor the results were not what we expect, were implanted 3 embryos, and unfertilized one. Next, I buckle in the tender, a video that showed time our anxieties, joys and expectations, with the innocence of two children left their shoes at the Magi … God, life, science, or whoever, wanted this time unfortunately we saw Dad take the grass away, and mother drink the water. … And here we are, without losing hope, resolving that of “Hell, if we tried again and is negative it will be devastating …”. But we are human, and we love so much. We get to serve a civil partnership which aims to gather 300,000 signatures to Congress of the Nation address the Assisted Human Reproduction Act.It is proposed that infertility is a disease recognized and thus covered by the PMO (Compulsory Health Plan) Assisted fertility treatments, would have forced medical coverage, and who had to weight to weight together to pursue a bid as if it were a comfortable tummy or buying an apartment in Avenida Quintana, we can put the body in the service reproductive medicine to heal our sickness and be healed, in the arrival of much-desired son. And as I have been professing that since I can remember … consider evolutionary man, facilitate mechanisms that science in its progression, has tried to ensure our lklevar later life and wellbeing. We are born, we grow, we reproduce and die. We do not reproduce … We are born, we grow, we die. We are born. Dad and Mom, in her dream, has been planning for some time, cautiously, or not, our approach to life.In that dream, have placed in us, life expectancy, an aging, a need to provide affection, love, contention. In various ways too, from education, tradition, religious faith, economic interest, have been installed in our heads, the precept of descent that, like it or not, we will mark much of the rest of the road. Then simply born to build, and pursue a life plan. … We are born. We grow. We grow up learning, developing skills, share, share affection, forming a company called whole world where we feel content, and as we grow, we realize that, almost unwittingly, are dormant love, and that dream turns into something more, perhaps the coexistence, perhaps the care of one another, perhaps the progress of two, perhaps, why not go for kids who love us, respect us, to exalt us, that we admire, we need that we laugh, we care, we miss. And wonderful, life creates in us the same feeling toward them. Then, we will love we give them both the best of our lives. We respect them as simply trying to smooth the way for them to grow healthy with proper ideals, with goals, dreams, and ambitions with faith.The exalted, cre ndoles an ego to believe that owners of the world, and who cares if it can be the best antidote to tackle the world in which they live, and the energy charge to be in the future those who dream.

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