A How to achieve quality service ‘

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is important to note that quality customer service and attraction civic culture is only achieved travel guide through undertaking a joint project – bureau client, so turist that if the client requires things also of their contribution and feel adventure travel ownership for the company that sells visitor a product or service offers. We must emphasize that also traveling has the customer service hotline Hello Metro (5109030) in which the user presents their concerns, information requests, complaints and claims. Educational campaigns have all the time like: “Letting tourist board off is to become easier,” “Bibliometro”, “MetroArte”, “Culture Metro”, “Words rolling” and so on. Provides special services to loyal customers like visitors terjeta Civica, the cable program Arvi (newline tourist air cable that would benefit everyone in the Valley Bore and brochures nearby municipalities, providing rapid access to tourist information park and secure a system Arvi suitable for transporting visiting tourists to this nature reserve) Metro Cable Medellin OBJETIVOSLos tourist attractions corporate objectives are very anxious where the Company is to focus: To be a world-class organization: an organization destination that is to be referenced with the known companies, obtains, maintains and exceeds their standards related to customer satisfaction, operational excellence, technological and organizational management and financial and social profitability. Being a leader in the public service of passenger transport: places to visit the sightseeing attractions subway is an entity that serves as a guide and reference point for the authorities, competition and community to optimize the delivery of mobility services in the regions sights where it operates, maximize attractions profitability construction of social and civic culture. Ensure adequate participation travel in companies and related businesses: the incursion and strengthening in those businesses and companies that sightseeing are leveraged into competitive advantages of the organization, considering the environmental conditions, the chances of the organization and the opportunity to attack them.

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