Adrian Tandan: Concentration And Honest Intentions Make The Success Of

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Interview with Adrian Tandan, Co Director of the film \”Slumdog millionaire\” a cinema in Mainz, the bustling city of culture on the Rhine. \”\” The Film Institute of the University a week of British film \”announced, two British Indian co-production here are shown and discussed, provoked as a research focus of the Institute is the Indian film culture,\” and Slumdog millionaire \”. (As opposed to real-estate developer). This evening, the cinema is packed, even on the walls, the people on the ground squat. \”Many here will Slumdog\” for the second time today see and all are of course looking forward to the star guest of the evening: Adrian Tandan, the Co-Director of the Oscar-winning movie hits of the year, already to the glory of monsoon wedding \”had contributed. The sympathetic Director was invited to answer questions from the audience and was also an interview with Daniela Happel. Here, Vanessa Marcil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Slumdog,\”is a film that seems to have made independent. I have a feeling that the figures have emerged from the canvas and now the story goes on… Yes, she really does! And now, the slum children also finally have their own apartments, I got the news just two days ago.

The film caused a lot of good, he has dispelled preconceptions about life in the slums, the slum dwellers are finally no longer be overlooked. These people are incredibly inspiring, they have so much good will, so much courage and strength. It is important to show that. We have also the JAI Ho trust\”for children founded.\” This Foundation takes its name from the end-title song of the film. It provides the children an annual sum of money which will be paid out according to the school. It covers also the fees. The film team ensured that the children at schools were enrolled. The children are dear to the heart of Adrian Tandan and she saw herself in a difficult dilemma when it came before shooting to the occupation and the locations.

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