Andy Freire

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Equally you will give a clear idea of how it will be your business. A mistake many entrepreneurs who commit and which you should avoid planning too is and act soon, your business plan is not the most important asi that not you spend you so long to be treated rather plan to dedicate to develop your plan. In the following link you can find very good information and resources that you will be of great utility in this stage: plans of business 4 – get resources: already with your business plan in which you have defined exactly what you need for your business, still get those elements that you will start, draws on all sources as you can, friends, banks, family, savings, funding, etc, funds are constant and do not give up, you will see that with effort you’ll have everything ready. A paar recommendation this stage is that you go to different support entities that exist in your locality and averigues by the requirements for access to the financiemiento. 5 Give birth to business: this stage is the most important of all, is what Andy Freire call of the idea to the harsh reality, you must remove all your passion by undertaking and devote all your efforts to your company, you’ll realize that not everything comes out as him playing, so that you must be sufficiently determined to not surrender. At this stage you do not forget to inform you well about the licenses that you have paar that your business is legal, also find out about the legal benefits afforded by your country for the creation of enterprises.

6. Achieve your business growth: Once you have your company you’ll realize that to enter the path to success we need much more than you win, therefore must be constant and always try to give a step forward and achieve what I call sustainable economic growth, this means that you must find the way that your income will increase steadilyget new customers, increase your sales and everything that will allow you to increase your income. Take you years to strengthen your business to make it aostenible, but believe me There is nothing more rewarding. As you could give you how much there is much to be done, perhaps already you have advanced some stages but even so the fight must be constant, if you’ve not started yet because I say that this is the moment emjor to start, there are many opportunities waiting for you. My final recommendation is that you do not miss the batall without having fought.


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