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The infanta Juana of Castile, daughter of the Catholic monarchs, travels to Flanders to marry Felipe de Habsburgo, sovereign of the Netherlands, will be the union of the nobilities Castilian and Flemish. More information is housed here: Dorothy Kilgallen. Just see for the first time, will be born among both an immediate attraction that deceptively to Juana will be an unbridled obsession, the oblivion of their political duties and the beginning of his descent into hell to what everyone will call madness. Original title: Juana La Loca Reparto: Pilar Lopez de Ayala (Joan), Daniele Liotti (Philip), Susi Sanchez (Queen Elizabeth), Hector Colome (Fernando Rey), Rosana Pastor (Elvira), Eloy Azorin (? lvaro Estuniga), Roberto?

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