Bruce Highway

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For you, this means that swim in any stream, River, Lake or deserted stretch of beach. Tours on eigeneFaust in the forests or swamps are also very dangerous! Should you not want to stay in Ingham, we could recommend yet to drive mission, providing various accommodations to the small village of beach. But, in the planning of your stage, you should consider that Mission Beach is located directly on the Bruce Highway. Click Tony Parker to learn more. 7 stage: Ingham to Innisfail: it goes on about 150 km from Ingham from northward. You mission consult on all cases the small beach town beach! You will meet perhaps not a big city, but this very broad and long sandy beach and many backpackers. The small town is the starting point for many white water rafting on the Tully Riffer. If you want to experience the River less rapidly, you can Tully falls in the beautiful area around the waterfalls.

The route continues past you at banana plantations and sugar cane fields. The small town of Innisfail with a beautiful main street, a larger white Church (nice photo motif), and many small shops waiting for you as a destination. Find a place on one who likely campsites you in this city in any case, as probably the most campers prefer it, even in the evening further to Cairns through to drive. 8 stage: Innisfail to Cairns: approx. 70 km from Innisfail, from Combipix advises you to go, but the good for tourists built and beautifully located directly after Cairns Josephine falls waterfalls to start. Also, the one or other photo of you next to a banana should not miss! The further course of the highway it more and more indicates that come in the catchment area of a large city: Cairns! For most camper tourists, this city represents the endpoint or starting point of trips of campers.

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