Changing Our Beliefs

by yudaica2013 ·

For many people preoccupation exists and fear to look for certain results or I put because not they are safe if that desire will remain, important is to live moment present and what it is created and it feels at the moment that we set out to reach a goal, perhaps desire can change with time, but while we do not undergo different experiences and profits our life will be imprisoned of the constant indecision. Andrew Corentt in its book the Secret of the Power of Metas indicates the importance to us of deep desire to materialize that desire and to live that experience, throughout the life we underwent diverse experiences until finally we found something phenomenal for us. Some people find their mission from very early and live their life to fullness from very young, other people delays more time to them and they find some years later, the lamentable thing is that some people never find their mission and live a life on suplicios and frustrations, this we cannot admit it. Most important it is to remember than we have been born to be happy and that we can contribute something to this universe in extraordinary form, to find those great intentions as is mentioned in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas we must meditate constantly, to do a self-evaluation to us, to surpass many beliefs that has been implanted us and that they prevent to find us us with our true spiritual essence. It is necessary that you this in harmony with the creative current of the universe, with the true one to be able, follow your emotion, his happiness, his happiness, it fills what it of joy, positive peace, freedom and emotions, is not let influence by the thoughts and beliefs of the others, it follows his own way, it reads, it studies, it analyzes the things before following a line of thought. It makes of his life a wonderful experience, establishes powerful goals and irresistible, it mantngase constant in it ideas that know that they will give happiness him, obtains the life that always has dreamed, you you deserve the best thing of the world. It knows excellent techniques and lessons to model his life according to his desires, their dreams and convirtalas in goals that will be fulfilled, visits the following page and its life will become Original author and source of the article


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