Creation Education

by yudaica2013 ·

Much of the success of execution of this task depends on the parents – that they should help people determine the direction of its development. However, the optimal option would be intervention of a specialist in this process – someone who could really help answer the question "What is man born on earth?" .. It is quite clear that today, neither the parents nor the experts who are almost does not exist, this process does not participate. See Mundial for more details and insights. Therefore, at best, the person needs to move intuitively through life listening to the voice of his soul. If we accept the realities of life, even these people very little – until spiritual guidance and understanding of education as the ultimate goal of social evolution, not rooted in public consciousness, it is difficult to expect that the education of the individual will be orderly and properly in terms of Laws of Creation and the interaction energies in the Universe.

Today is only natural to rely on strong personal ability to withstand the effects of the environment due to ignorance tends to limit the communication of man with Thin in the vertical world of spiritual channel. That is, it is a limitation of spirituality on the part of society … Before a person can actively and meaningfully realized as the Creator, the important role played by the definition of them priorities of its existence in this world. Here, more than ever will be a question to which he gravitates pole, as far as spirit prevails over the matter, and vice versa.


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