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Contrary to what many people think, leisure is not the same as free time. Commonly called free time is the time remaining, which left us over so to speak, and is a matter prima valuable than inverted properly, it can be highly rewarding or on the contrary lead to boredom, it all depends on how use you it. This time could invest it in leisure. Here I must make an important distinction between what is meant by active leisure and passive leisure. Passive leisure is to do nothing, wait for stimuli and react, we therefore become active re beings. An example of this would be to watch TV, go to cinema or things of some kind. Active leisure, on the other hand, is the time that we invest in projects, with which we develop personally and in which we can enhance our creativity.

As stated by Csikszentmihalyi, leisure is necessary for creativity. This kind of entertainment would be more pro active, since we don’t react to some external stimulus, but we project, we plan and We believe what we want to do. Swarmed by offers, real-estate developer is currently assessing future choices. Leisure educated, as Oscar Wilde, said it is the perfect condition of the man. Therefore, where we should invest is in active leisure. Unfortunately, society has endeavored to turn leisure into consumption. Andrea Marks has many thoughts on the issue. It teaches us that owning things is important, and disdains personal enrichment. Creativity is a way of going beyond what is established, and that creates fear of certain sectors.

If cannot be entertaining people through passive leisure or with consumerism, there is no worry. As stated in the Roman aphorism, to the people, bread and circus. Nor interest people get bored. According to Csikszentmihalyi leisure is dangerous for two fundamental reasons: the first is that the mind needs to be occupied in something; the lack of activity by low that is can generate pathologies. The second is television, which is fraught with evils such as do you want products (consumerism), material objects, etc is therefore required of a better job, or in the majority of cases, more hours for get buy everything what you want.

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