DEGES: New Website With CMS Cabacos

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more user friendly and new design Berlin, Mar 21, 2011 the project management company DEGES German unity Fernstrassenplanungs-and construction GmbH opts for their new website content management Cabacos CMS solution. The site has been completely redesigned. In addition to a significantly simplified user guidance and a revised design are above all the content in the foreground of the revised website. How to find both professionally interested engineers as well as lay people, who are interested in certain transport infrastructure projects, lots of information. The modern and user-friendly navigation quickly takes the user to the selected topic. Among the additional search function is new. Extensive maps, as well as many pictures of the projects of the DEGES round off the offer.

The Cabacos CMS allows us to create content quickly and easily. We can respond to current events within minutes, says ETTA Schulze, head of Department public relations in the DAHIYA. Especially I like the easy way to make extensive picture galleries online to our projects. You may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin to increase your knowledge. Cabacos CMS continues over the online management of tenders. The automatic time adjustment or removal of tender documents by the website saves regularly manual rework.

As a result of the site optimized for search engines like Google a significant increase in the number of visitors could be determined already in the first six weeks after the launch of the new website. Contact: DEGES German unity Fernstrassenplanungs-and construction GmbH public relations ETTA Schulze Zimmerstrasse 54 10117 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 – 20243-332 fax: + 49 (0) 30 – 20243-591 E-Mail: Internet: contact: Frank Duhnelt IT direct business technologies Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, 13355 Berlin phone: + 49 (30) 89 00 61 0 E-Mail: Internet: twitter: twitter.com/CabacosCMS facebook: facebook.com/CabacosCMS about Cabacos CMS Berlin IT direct business technologies GmbH develops and distributes the content-management-software Cabacos CMS. The software solution allows the quick and easy care of their website or corporate intranet users. The company serves customers as a full service agency from the first consultation to the complete implementation of the Projektes.nWeitere information and prices see about DEGES GmbH are objects of the company including land acquisition of federal trunk roads or essential parts thereof, in order management on the basis of the in-house model planning and construction (construction preparation and construction supervision). The same applies for similar transport infrastructure projects in the Baulast of shareholders including related tasks. On this basis, the DEGES supervised transport infrastructure projects with an investment volume of 15.6 billion currently. The company has realized among about 1,300 km of federal trunk roads in the almost 20 years of its existence.

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