Dichotomy Characteristics

by yudaica2013 ·

With the texts and literary schools it is not different. The times, the forms, the styles and the authors and its conceptions are changed. In the present article the Brazilian romantic indian points itself, idealized in the European molds, with distorted characteristics of Reals and described with a language lyric, searched carefully and estilizada being collated with the modern indian who immediately launches hand of the European characteristics being shown as really he behaves with all the cunnings and espertezas, thus breaking any done idealizao previously for the romantic writers. The language used in the Brazilian Modernismo is the spoken one daily, the indian Macunama de Mrio de Andrade, is a story clearly of the form of expression used in century XX, with words in the language of the Tapanhumas tribe among others regionalismos, however Juca Pirama de Gonalves Days is an epic poem that brings in its lyric language European traces, that exactly with indianista nationalistic characteristic, for the language notices a Brazilian indian the European molds. The changes contained inside of these two authors in relation to the great workmanships of Brazilian literature will be analyzed deeply in the following pages.

PALAVRAS-CHAVES: Romantismo. Modernismo. Language. ABSTRACT: The language is the Constant, she changes along the History. With the texts and literary school it is not different. He/she you move the teamses, the forms, the style and the authors. Show the romantic Indian, idealized in the European molds, with, distorted characteristics of the real and described with language lyrical, affected and stylized being confronted with the modern Indian that immediately throws hand of the European characteristics being shown he/she really behaves with all to their tricks and smartness braking any idealizao done previously by the romantic writers, the language used in the Modernism is to her spoken daily.


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