Education System

by yudaica2013 ·

One says to him to the student which must be and what it must think. The result of this system is that the students they rebel or they are appeased and with the two attitudes the creativity of the children is destroyed and with this also it is destroyed the future of the nations. With the educative system that we suffer it destroys the leadership and we became indeed of the circumstances. The great national problems such as the insecurity, the poverty, the corruption, impunity, the drug addiction, the drug trafficking, is consequence to a great extent by the educative system that we suffer. THE PROPOSAL I believe that the education it would have to preside over several matters, which would determine that other matters would have to study the students. I believe that all would not have to study the same matters since the restlessness and the aspirations are different. This makes necessary that the plans are different.

The matters to which I make reference are the creativity, the leadership, the vision and the emotional education. The creativity is important because it is going to help a to us to innovate the field in which we try to work, is going to teach to us to solve the great and small problems which surely we will face in our labor life. As he already said it before, the world changes vertiginously, but we them human beings did not operate under that same speed. The leadership is a subject of capital importance for the movement of the people. The time that has been called on to us to live characterizes by the apathy and the pesimism of the great majority of the people. The culture and the education that we have suffered have assassinated the leadership, the creativity and it has taken to us towards the dependency of the people.


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