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Queismo and Dequeismo the queismo and the dequeismo are two of the idiomatic errors occurring with greater frequency. The queismo consists in the Elimination of a preposition that must go before the conjunction that. The preposition that usually eliminates is the preposition; Sometimes you also remove other prepositions (in, with). Examples: Wrong: right: I learned that it was fake. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. of I am sure that he will come. of that are left that we would see the three.

in that. He was that you were twice. with that the dequeismo is misuse of the preposition de before the conjunction that; EJS.: Wrong: Right: announced that measures will soon take. that she told me of that will not participate in the ceremony. What.

To recognize whether it should be used or not the preposition, it must toggle (the part of the sentence that follows the verb) by that expression or expressions of that, in that, with that. If it switches correctly for this reason, it means that the preposition should not be used. If fails over from that, in WITH that, or that the preposition that matches should be used. Examples: Said that he would not go. = He said that. I learned that it would come. = I heard that. There are a large number of verbs that make the mistake called queismo, since they are pronominal verbs which require the use of preposition, for example: remember, realize, learn, realize, sure, boast, boast, Unlearning is, settle, tiring, insist, etc. There are also many nouns and adjectives requiring preposition; for example: I hope to return. It has the feel of something good will happen. I have a feeling that will be me very well. I am sure that is the case. I am sure that I triunfare. I am sure that is so. I was aware that was fake.

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