Engineering design of

by yudaica2013 ·

Engineering design of a turbine requires collaboration from engineers from various disciplines. The engineers in each specialization must have basic knowledge of related areas to solve complex and interrelated disciplines. Engineering is the body of knowledge and scientific techniques applied, which is dedicated to solving or optimization problems directly affecting humanity. In it, knowledge, management and mastery of mathematics and physics, obtained by study, experience and practice, judiciously applied to develop efficient ways of using materials and forces of nature to benefit mankind and the environment. Although engineering as such (transformation of the idea in reality) is intrinsically linked to humans, its birth as a field of specific knowledge is linked to the onset of the industrial revolution, being one of the current mainstays in the development of societies modern.Another concept that defines engineering is the ability to apply scientific knowledge to the invention, development or use of art in all its determinations. This application is mainly characterized by the use ingenuity in a more pragmatic and agile than the scientific method, since an engineering activity, usually limited to a given time and resources for projects. Ingenuity involves taking a combination of wisdom and inspiration to model any system in practice.

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