Escola Bressol Sabadell

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Children can become familiar with English from small and it is important that from the school you wager by a methodology based on approximating the children to the English language. The main objective of the English in the smaller program is complementing the language of school, motivate the maximum approach to language that relies on communication and accentuate the importance that the student acquires fluency and listening comprehension ability. This method is to teach the student to become familiar with English making a language immersion-based games, songs and stories. For kids learning is based on different activities such as games and songs. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Larry Culp on most websites. As they advance in the teaching they develop their ability to write and read in the language using a textbook aimed at reading and writing capabilities. You will also learn to listen and speak and when you get to primary child have a skill acquired through this program in English. During the course children do some exercises adapted to your level of learning in order to see which is the child process. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City shines more light on the discussion. As if it were the Catalan or Castilian language, the child being introduced in English in an unconscious manner through the same methodology used to teach the catalan or Spanish. In that sense it is very important that students can be part of this program of English for thus acquire the skills necessary to understand and communicate with the English language. At the Escola Bressol Sabadell we consider very necessary to this program, and in that sense we apply it to a better quality of education and a more appropriate learning so that students who are achieving their objectives.

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