European-Style Paintings

by yudaica2013 ·

I time he could not tear myself away from the contemplation of these masterpieces and firmly promised myself as soon as possible get hold of something like that. Those fans in the interior stand out from the usual for us European-style paintings hanging along the walls. First, the story is not written on the canvas, and the fan. In itself this fact gives them a certain elegance, lightness and elegance. Second, the manner of painting by Chinese artists is quite different from known European schools.

This lends a certain charm and colorful. And, thirdly, where such fans rarely meet, so, together with a fan you are giving your friend a unique interior, and you can be sure that it will be remember you every time will host the guests, because seeing these spectacular decorations, none of them fail to ask the owner. Another unusual and beautiful invention of Chinese painting can be called on silk. Therefore, presenting as a gift painted silk panel, made in the form of a scroll, you can count on one hundred percent and admiration gasp. A common motif of these panels are the tigers, Dragons, as well as landscapes. Often the image is accompanied by characters that can denote any aphorism, a wise idea, or anything like that.

Well-chosen statement will create a sense of individual gifts, and your friend will appreciate the desire to please him. Another thing being dragged out of China in countless numbers – various statues. They can be made of completely different materials, but the most chic considered jade figurines. Jade is revered in China. "Classics" can be called the Jade Buddha. In addition to the Buddha can be found countless statues of dragons in different shapes and sizes. A more extreme popular figurines vast pantheon of Chinese gods. Each of them stands for something. They decided to give the happiness, good luck, for cash welfare and other benefits.


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