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The so-called Ejecito Zapatista National Liberation EZLN, is one of the most important movements that Mexico has had in its history. Born in the State of Chiapas this left movement aims to establish a defense towards the rights of the indigenous people who have been marginalized by the Government of our country. Obtain justice and freedom in our town, the EZLN is a popular struggle of the people in order to achieve objectives which the Government pays attention. They want to give Mexicans realize that live under the manipulation of the Government, want the good of the people. The rebellion of the people exists because there is no democracy and create this kind of societies, the people United can never be defeated the EZLN has grown with the passage of time, it has bought weapons and has become a very strong group, the Government has respect and has been recognized by the people. It is an army formed by indigenous peoples and a mestizo, who frames, which make him indestructible. It is a rebellion the Government that represses only the Indians and doesn’t realize that they are the basis in our culture, not give them opportunities to get ahead and only discriminated against them.The Government should support more indigenous people as the center of power that is in our country, it imposes this condition to exclude them. They are entitled to have the same rights as any other citizen should have the same opportunities and to be heard, like any other person. There should exist a culture of equality in our society and accept people as they are. Original author and source of the article.

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