Fashion Tips

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Many people travel to be with their families and friends. So this year, enjoy for everything high holiday and not forget anything, here are a few tips to last time when you get to make suitcases: 1.-keep in mind the place where you will spend your vacation. If this is your first time there, visit the Internet and see which is the average weather that have. You can also call the hotel or ask the people that visits. 2 It creates a list of all your activities so that you can plan the garment you are going to take. A related site: Jorge Perez mentions similar findings.

3.-Once you know more or less what you want to wear, put the clothes on the bed and tries to reduce the number of them trying to create combinations. 4. Very careful with shoes, because they occupy much space in suitcases and they are heavy. Please visit Sela Ward if you seek more information. You always need at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes and a couple of more dress shoes for the night. Choose shoes that can go with almost all the clothes you’re wearing.

5 Add color to your wardrobe. Although most of the clothes have to be neutral, you can give color to your look through scarves, scarves, t-shirt or even jewellery fashion jewellery. 6. Some contend that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez shows great expertise in this. The toiletries bag is very important. Put all the items on a table to make sure that you do not forget anything. Remember that if you are going by plane, you can not carry liquids in large containers. 7. When you go to make suitcases, close all buttons for blouses, shirts and bags so no creases and are in better condition. 8. If possible, using a special for shirts, bags, dresses and suits bag so that they are not damaged. 9. The underwear, socks, scarves and belts can be coiled and used to fill holes or even inside the shoe to maintain its shape. 10. First Pack heavier clothes (jeans, sweaters, bags) and then little by little the most delicate (shirts, blouses and underwear). 11 Leave your good jewelry and very expensive products at home. 12. Do not leave empty space in the suitcase because it will only make your clothes wrinkle more. If you have plans to purchase on your trip, you can take a collapsible bag inside your suitcase. 13.- When you travel, wears comfortably and with materials that not wrinkled. It carries over packages big as jackets, coats and boots that would occupy much space inside the suitcases. 14. A shawl or large scarf is ideal for all types of travel to all destinations and does not occupy much space. 15 Top carry products that moisturise your skin to prevent dryness, as a lip balm, a nourishing cream for hands, eye drops and a bottle of water.

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