Festival Area

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Swiss clubs from March 2013 with the desire to celebrate, the passion for dancing and the love for the night life, the Club has existed since 2001 in Winterthur, Switzerland, its guests offers a wide range for a successful and unforgettable night laser show. He has both a smoke – and a lounge area, used for quiet but also talkative minutes in a pleasant atmosphere. For these areas, their manicured visitors have even free admission. Furthermore, bolero offers a spacious terrace with chill-out feeling for hot summer nights. With delicious drinks at the outdoor bar you can cool down here relaxed. In the Club area is non – stop party to the latest beats and hits the Supreme Law, so club dancing as much you want. “The noble ambience of the main floor with a pompous chandeliers and gilded columns is underlined, because here it is seeing and being seen”! And as a matter of course guests can also have a private area they rent, in which in closed Society properly can – party with up to 100 friends and celebration-fun family fun with private nightclub feel, so that everyone speak his own calendar of events”to plan.

So the party hungry Swiss feel at home, the entire room was established and designed according to the teachings of Feng Shui. But all that was not enough for the State-of-the-art nightclub! She want their visitors something very special offer, something that perhaps as yet – did not in the manner the Swiss club scene until now. Because since March 15, recently sparked a passion for show laser systems in the bolero is in addition to the passion to cool DJs, stunning disco experiences, events and Festival feeling felt. On that day the Club celebrated the grandiose expansion of his impressive, technical growth of no less than eight show laser systems, a large, motorized screen and the software used for the show laser systems in triplicate by the German Manufacturer company LPS lasersysteme in Ofterdingen, Baden-Wurttemberg. The extensive enlargement seven behind made in Germany consumer series X-beam systems + 2000RGB.

The complete laser shows dancing area is plunged with each 2W (2000mW) laser performance and a brilliant color spectrum. The eighth show laser system is also an X-beam + 2000RGB, which however has a powerful 60 k by a special tag scanners. Great graphics, such as for example the own logo, motto – and topic announcements or large graphic shows such as animated films, which are possible on the LPS screen with this technical upgrade, a 4 x 4 m big gauze screen, are projected. All eight show laser systems that have been installed at different points in the main area are controlled with the LPS-RealTIME Pro. All laser shows can be user-friendly applied and perfected using this professional laser show software three times. The bolero belongs not only to the most modern clubs in the whole Switzerland, it has now even with the eight show laser systems currently probably the largest laser production in the country.


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